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  1. Sir,

    I am reading your ideas for so many yers. Why r u giving us hope to think. Do our system wants thinking people. I am lawyer having good pratice driving Honda car living in comfertable own house, my kids are attending top school.
    Why i think about other people, i was arrested and released on call of “Malik Sahib”(AG)

    Most of “commoners” suppose we are fool fighting for nothing but i have every thing, why sholud i fight, and for rights of other people who even donot any idea about their rights.

    If you say on the name of islam then forget it. If you say on the name of humanity then purhapes but wait a minute without any eduction, tazib or guidence, do u really think all qualifies to have rigsts. Bull SHHHHHH

    Now coming back to main thing, we want to have nice place for our next generation agree, but thats what we think, not all the others. Army from big brother in the house has become stepfather who has every right to rule and …… the mother.
    Some one is finding sakoon in namaz some one in drink some one in Macdonald !!!!!

    If it all about having sakoon then get the money train and join the party.

    Sir plesae start writing gap shap and dump thinking, it only takes to jail in this part of Punjab

    take care

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