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Jootay Marna Band Karen – Javed Chaudhry

From Talal Bugti to Government and Opposition, Javed Chaudhry reveals the ethical and moral weakness of our leaders and rulers, when it comes to trial the Pervez Musharraf for his crimes. In this latest Urdu column, Javed Chaudhary narrates the story of Gama Pehalwan and draw parallels to it. An excellent analysis and a  must read!
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  1. Nice work with the great effort.I want to know about your routine.How do you manage everything like reading,writing,media,exercise(if u do)and how much time do u give to your family?
    Sawera Ahmed

  2. Ur columns always r v diff nd thoughtable.bt y i feel tht u take blind side towards shareefss? I agree with syed anwer tht k apko b kia musharraf Fobia he? Bugti family kia he kio ap logo ne ankhe band ki hui hain.state k andr state bna k betha wa tha akbar bugty,Sui p rockets fire krta tha,balochistan k lye koi ek acha kaam b usne kia ho tu plz btaye?
    Apne likha k pak foj musharraf p sharminda he… kia ye sharmindagi Pak foj ne apke samne akr show ki thy?
    Im really sorry to say ur this piece of artical is childish.

  3. sir im in confusion witn ur article jootey marney band karo who questioned from our politician nation or any institution


    very nice…….keep it up dear. 100% agree with you

  5. Dear sir, Aap kay kalum bohat research kay sath hotay hain aur un main koom ki akhlakiat sudarnay ka be ehtmam hota hay. App ka kalum KAMA PEHALWAN hamari koom kay her farad ko parhna chahia. Kaun kay bardasht, tahamul, rawadari khatum ho chuki hay aur us ki jaga gussa, zulam aur barbriat nay lay le hay. main nay apnay bachoon ko parwaya hay aur iss kay ikhlaqi pehloon per roshani dali hay. wasay bhe hamary mazhab main gussa haram hay.
    wish u best of luck.

  6. Dear Javed Sb.
    Your todays column urges me to write you some thing because you and me does have somewhat same ideology about the todays Politicians. But I am somewhat more aggressive about the positions of the politicians.
    First of all the government is being governed by the PPP. But they are unable to counter the problems that are being caused by the foreign agencies every after confirming information. The army is supervising or have the control on almost all of the internal security agencies but they are also no taking action. PMLN does have hold one of the biggest province of the Pakistan and many of the incidents are being happened in this areas where PMLN does have hold and control. All of these members frightened from even taking the names of worst agencies. May be they does have personally fear from them and in this fear they are unable to have the decisions in the favor of country. Please tell me
    When the change will occur after 100 years when we will not be there to see because I think the change occurs after the worst conditions and Pakistan is being fed for the foreign donors and this donations neither allowing Pakistan to come on the stage when the changes happen nor allowing Pakistan to develop and stand in the developed countries.

  7. Syed Anwer Mahmood

    Dear Javed Bahi, aap lakh Gamey key qisey likho in mey sey kesee mey bhi dam nahi hey k wo pervez Musharraf key khelif Article 6 ka case karey, ku k yeh kuhd gandey hey, rahi baad 1 arab rupey ke to yeh kis kanoon key thaat elan hoa, chaey to yeh tha k aap is k khelaf likhtey, ku kal kui bhi uth kar kha sakta hey k jo Javed Ch. ko marey ga mey us ko ietney rupey dunga, kai yeh qanoon ke dhajaey uraney wali baat nahi hey, meyra kheal hey Nawaz Shareef jis k apney ghuna ietney hey k wo sir utha kar nahi chal sakta, wo kia Musharraf ka kuch bigarey ga, barhal aap lagta hey Nawaz key saat saat aap ko bhi Musharraf fobia ho gaeya hey.

  8. Sometimes, unintentionally I cant stop praising nature and the power of our creator… among all his creations, beside the perfection of this world in complete harmony and balance, I am very much fascinated by Human body and the perfection of it, as it has been created. ALLAH has created Man with such a beautiful muscular body with full of strength, pride and power of decision making at the best of his perfection.

    And at a same time ALLAH has created a woman, the most beautiful, feminine, apparently physically weaker than man but with her very distinct and fragile characteristics, she is quiet capable to charm her way to bring man’s physical power to her feet. According to the law of nature these two creatures, man and woman depend and complement each other by their behaviors.

    At a same time there is another physical form of human being, created by ALLAH subhanhu wa ta’alla, and is known as Hermaphrodites.
    Hermaphrodites, are the individuals who exhibit the characteristics of both male and female genders, through out their life, they act like male and female both physically and psychologically in behavior.

    Politics is a only profession on the face of this earth, where man and women acquire and practice the characteristics of both genders ( male & female) and become and act like Hermaphrodites by choice. The female politicians would not mind to become as vulgar as their counterpart male politicians are, and male politicians would not mind to act even weaker than female politicians and compromise the principles just to stay in power.

    Balochistan had given birth to the bright and bold sons, who stood up for vengeance, for the blood of their ancestors, in front of world’s fascist agencies in the past, and were sold out by the Balochi politicians to the fascist agencies. They were proud, honest and brave sons of their Balochi fathers and not politicians.

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