Jazbati Hevaan

No. 1 Urdu Columnist Javed Chaudhary on Rulers Hypocracy and inner self.


  1. javid sahib well done. Dr jamshaid dasti wala column shahkar he aap in ko theek dho tahay hen.welldone

  2. Best Best and simply best.
    Very strong wording and alot of passion in Javaid Ch,’s writing./

    Very great zeel i realy admire ur self

  3. slaam sir javed. u r exactly right u excatly said wat i am thiking but the prob is that y are v not supporting IMRAN KHAN even v kno he iz da only one of course the public is resposible and yes some time i feel that this public is so lazy and stupid they are not doing wat the should do just support and vote imran khan .. y n y not pple supporting imran khan ….

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