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Javed Hashmi Saheb Uthiye

Javed Chaudhry writes column for Javed Hashmi!



  2. Ik bahadur Admi Hashmi Hashmi Get Well Soon Pakistan & All Of Us Need YOu

  3. welldone

  4. Get well soon. May Allah give you good health

  5. Javed hashmi!
    You are the pride of democracy and sign of loyalty with the mother land…we pray to Allah for your recovery, best of health and long life.
    want to add
    Pakistan n Pakistanis are proud of you!
    Uthye Hashmi Sahb!!!

  6. pakistan mn hamaray pas boht kam log asy hn jin pr hm fakhar kr saktay hn.javed hashmi on mn se 1 hn.pakistan ka fakhar hn javed hashmi.
    ALLAH hm pr rahm kry ga & is hasti ko lambi zindagi atta farmaye ga.
    hm sb ki duain JAVED HASHMI k sath hn .INSHALLAH ap boht jaldi thek ho jain ge

  7. Javed hashmi is the real hero of pakistan. Inshalla he will be fine soon. Everybody please pray for him.

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