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Zero Point - Javed Chaudhry

Uss Se Agle Din – Javed Chaudhry

Another beautiful and motivational Urdu column by Javed Chaudhry!


  1. Ghulam Muhammad

    good article. heart touching and way finder for the depressed ones…..

  2. Speak less and give me a knew way of thinking in depressing life.EVERY DAY can be special and different amazing

  3. That was really touching…

  4. it is simply the best…
    i really like the way that he writes.

  5. AOA

    It was really excellent article inviting a lot to think

  6. you are such a saint

  7. Hassan Javid (London)

    that was fantastic man
    now i realised that i should make my everyday special day.

    have a gud care of urself


    as usual v v nice written….

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