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Tarrap – Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry in this latest Urdu Column defines another aspect of Sufism / Mysticism. In order to get ta?awwuf in life, one has to be in Love. Love is the only thing which can take you closer to ALLAH.


  1. asa time kab ata h jb hm is stage par puhnch jay. jb duniya ki garz htm ho jay

  2. i am not convinced

  3. sirf allah aur allah kay rasool kay hukmon pay amal karnay say insaan allah kay qareeb hota hay

  4. sir,i like ur column always but i didnt understnd ur this coumn “tarap”.
    ku=ya islam is chez ki ijazat daita hi k ap ne faraiz chorr do apne biwi bachon ko jin ka haq shoher pe ho wo shoher apne faraiz rastay min chor day or ishq k pechay aa jaey??totly dunia chornay ka to Allah ne ni kaha q k Allah ne haqooq-ul-ibad pr ziada zor kia hai.

  5. Well Chaudhar Sb. I am 100% agree. It is ture indeed. Ishq e Mijazi is the way to reach at Ishq e Haqiqi

  6. m.imran khan jarral

    Ap insaan k dil ki awaz bn jate hne.javed sb allah ap ko lambi umer de.

  7. Islam ko jitna nuqsan So called Sufia k hathon pohncha hay itna non muslims nay nahin pohnchaya. Aishq e Haqeeqi or Aishq e Mjazi k chakroon say nikal kr Quran or Sahih or Sabit Sunnat per amal krnay nay Insan Allah k qreeb hota hay.

  8. Shehryar I agree ,It is incomplete

  9. aaaaaah, lot liya mela javed bhai aap nain aaj to !

  10. It is possible. The real love start after knowing the beloved completely, inside out. In this case, some detail is missing. Love can cross the boundaries of life and death. It cannot be controlled, increased or decreased. It is an essential part of your soul placed in an other object.

    Your article is a good stimulator. There are many things in your article that are right but some incomplete or…

    Thank you.

    Best regards

  11. @ Afzal, Of course this is not true . the author has tried to make it symbolic however, it is nothing but dramatizing… Javed Ch could create a relevance.

  12. mjhe rahnuuma chahiye, talash kahan se shuru krun?

  13. its true … nothing els.

  14. I don’t belive like this.

  15. masmirizn’……fbolous indeed

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