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Sonehri Yaden 2 – Javed Chaudhry by RJ Irfan

Javed Chaudhry writes magical and Awesome Read!  The back cover of Zero Point 1 and Voiced by RJ Irfan!.


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  1. Excellent work, wonderfully written, nicely put together a short story to project the misery of most beautiful woman, on the face of this earth, called Pakistan. Her heart breaking misfortunes can even make the stones cry. I pray to ALLAH subhanhu wa ta’alla to forgive the shortcomings’ of People of Pakistan and help them survive and bless them with his unlimited blessings… O’ALLAH I request you to guide all Muslims to follow Quran and Sunnah and help them to implement ALLAH’s laws and orders on all Muslim lands. ameen ya Rabil alamin.

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