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Zero Point - Javed Chaudhry

Sangsari – Javed Chaudhry


  1. Mr. Javaid Chaudry, how much u have been paid by the Jews to write such an idiotic column? Why Islam and teachings of Islam are so irritating to you and other foolish and Jews and western funded agents? As u have said u have no knowledge of islam then stop writing such baseless topic unless and until and unless u have read whole Quran and Ahadess. There are laws and boundaries of Allah, dont talk about them until u r perfect in knowledge.U r only trying too prove that zina is not a sin and so no punishment is ever given in islam so relax.
    Tell me Mr. Chaudry if your sister or wife or daughter do zina what punishment will you suggest for them?
    Tell me Mr. Chaudry if your sister or wife or daughter is raped what punishment will you suggest for person who do rape?

    Please dont mis propogate about teachings and laws of islam if u dont have knowledge of Islam.
    Allah Knows much better than you what is better for us
    Please go throigh surah Noor and Surah Nisa U will have answer to you question

    • Lol, another islamic vigilante getting unsettled by questions – Have you ever thought why you get so nervous whenever some or any question is thrown at you ? Answer : It exposes your lack of knowledge, common sense and makes you vulnerable so the anger …. By the way Jews don’t need to pay anyone as its people like you who are their biggest asset , the people without the nerve to stand questions, people who are just jazbaati, emotional fools mindlessly following idiotic Mullah and his version of Islam.

  2. I am not a very learned person but i do know that Hazrat Umer punished his son in a case similar.

  3. Javed ch sb you should consult diffrent Ulma then you should write this topic, It is not you to decide and bring Islamic laws, These laws are established 1400 years ago. if you dont have knowledge please study first, ask first then speak. dont think that all Ulma will study your base less thinking and will reply on on solid basis. you are only misleading readers.

  4. syed minhaj patel

    Very simple to understand Islamic rules And regulations .for ur confusion and doubts Mohammed s.a.wa.m is the key to Quran and every decision has taken by him is actually decision of Allah without Allah’s permission he never ever passes any judgements.actually it means that the punishment for particular crime is from Allah .

  5. meray khayal main to saurat al noor main order to hai unmaried ko koray marny ka aur married ko pather mar kar halak karny ka. lakin 4 imandar gawah hona lazmi hain jo shayed kisi bhi case main milna mushkil hian.
    lakin pakistan main to log tandoor se roti uthany waly bachay ko bhi pather mar kar halak kar daitay hain. pak main to logon ko bas aik dosry ko halak karny ka moqa milna chahiye. is liye pak main kisi logon ko is tarah kisi ko halak karny ki ijazat nahi daini chahiye.

  6. Arslan Ul Hafeez Khan

    your research is perofect and good & right but today every body neead complete clearfication fo all issues sepritly u know that. but in your this astatment up to 10 issues know peaple no need like this post beacouse ever body have a great knowlege as a muslib but hows no thats mean we sould be rise oour eaducation system not blame peapole like this, beacoues shariyat is for our self self difence but gustkhi e RASOOL is a bigest crime in islamic astate for you kind information.
    your this astatment are showing meaning that every goost body can make gustakhi aney time avery were openly beacouse he’s know that in shariyat he is able to freedom right…..
    so please don disolve shariyat in gustakhi e RASOOL ALLAH PEACE BE UPONE HIM.
    if any body don’thave the love to MUHAMMAD p.b.o.h. against the all world he is not a compolete muslim.

  7. shahzad George sindhu

    Ch sb less knowledge is dangerous
    your information wrong regarding this woman

  8. Boht hi omda or tehqeeqi tehreer he! Boht acha likha he ap ne. Men aap ko Lifafa Sahafi samajta tha, bt aap ki ye tehrer se lagta he k aap apne fariza e sahafat se mokhlis hi hon ge. Allah mere is goman ko sach sabit kare, aameen.


  10. Good effort to clear the embiguities about this punishment for a common person like me .


    do not make public such topics where u ur have not complete knowledge otherwise u are responsible in promoting intercourse. If u consult quran u ur self will find the answers to ur questions. Islam is complete code of life. It is a blind faith on all matters related to ur daily life. it is not only responsibility of ulma to safe the boundaries mentioned by Allah Almighty. I have also some questions to u. Is zana allowed in any religion? If not, then what should be the punishment of it? Is preaching of Islam dependent of yahudi culture? I need ur response using same medium to make it public.

  12. Great Job! appriciate you research question and interpretation, may almighty Allah beless you.

  13. You said Jesus had a Spirit of God, so how can you say that God Can do sin. You statement is totally wrong. You need to study more about Jesus .

  14. 4 gawah k naam kya government declair karte hai aur un 4 ki sadaqat aur taqwa k zamin ka naam bhi bataya jaata hai…saza dene se pehle….aisa to hona chahiye…agar hota hai tow baqi bhi gunah se bachenge…Allahu Kahirul Aalameen

  15. IT was better for you if you would had fruitful debates with different Ulemas before making this topic public…..

  16. You must have first consulted Islamic scholars in this regard, and then should have written this column along with their answers and viewpoints. Don’t try to impose your own verdict.

    • how many Mullahs he should had asked this question ? 1 2 5 10 or 100 , if Mullah has some good answer, they can have debate ….. when he is giving reference of Nabi Pak (pbuh) , then what is left behind

  17. Bohat Acha Laga…. aap ki jurrat ko salam…………………….

  18. The author seems to declare the act of adultery as a thing not to be punished….He has never gone through Quran otherwise he would have given the Surah noor’s verses as proof of his claim…

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  20. Its awesome question sar…..i liked your talking style….and your path…hates off sar

  21. you are doing a great service of informing true fact about criminal jurisprudence. These need to be communicated to salafi’s and deobandees too.

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