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Sadar Mamnoon Hussain – Javed Chaudhry

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  1. Thank you choudry sab for sharing your experience.
    but with due respect can I ask you a question ?
    I accept that president mamnoon can be a very good person but don’t you think that in this position could be a person more campable then him which can do some thing for paksitan instead of sitting in president house, i don’t blame persons but as a post of president do you think these activities are enough, its Mian sab right that he can bring anybody as a president but if there was a president with some vision and experties of any field like education or buisness or any field atleast he could do some thing better in his field for pakistan and there would be no worries for our PM too as the person could be a non political.
    I like to read your columns but what is the reason for this column just to show that you met president or because he invited you for dinner so in reply you have to write some thing goog for him in paper ?
    hopefully you will not take this as critisim , its just what I wanted to ask you as now the hope we have is only the media and we expect from our writers some thing usefull not just a story or praise of some one.
    best wishes

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