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Khush Naseeb – Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry on the Philosophy of Great Sufi Intellectual Wasif Ali Wasif!


  1. Here is the tashreeh / summary / central idea of the quote by Wasif Ali Wasif, I heard the tashreeh from some Sufi : “Khush Naseeb Wo Hai , Jo Apnay Naseeb Pay Khush Hai”.

    –summary start–
    Summary: You can understand it through an example: “”Let say if you have a radio, then be happy that you have a Radio. Now you need to upgrade to the point where you can afford or buy the TV. Well do that effort, Allah said that in Quran it is something like that “whoever struggle for whatever he will get it whatever he desired, but Allah knows better than what you are asking for””. So leave the result of that effort upon Allah”. If you struggle and didn’t get success, that’s Allah’s will else if you succeeded, still it is Allah’s will. So just leave the result upto Allah and be happy with whatever result you get.
    –summary ends–

    Now again lets get back our focus on the Quote

    “Khush Naseeb Wo Hai , Jo Apnay Naseeb Pay Khush Hai”.

    I am sure this will make the matter more crystal clear regarding the “confusion” created due to some lack of ground which was not presented in the above captioned Editorial/Article by Javed Chaudhry.


  2. Let me clear it to you Javed Sahab..
    you really made no sense in this column..The guy wished to go to civil service but he didn’t say anything to Bhutto..so when Bhutto recommend it, it was in Major fate to be foreign secretary..Now come to the point:”Khusnasseb wo hai, jo apnay naseeb pe khush ho”..
    Iska matlab ye hai, kay jis shakhs main bohot sabar aur shukar hai, wo khushnaseeb hai..agar usay kuch na milay, tou uskay sabr ki wajah se usay koi farq nai parray ga..
    Hadith hai:”Sabar ki dua aisi chez hai jisay khuda hamaisha qabool kerta hai”..
    I think you guys got the point..

  3. sorry sir me ap ki is bat se ittafaq nahi krta

  4. sorry sir main is bat se agree nhi krta q k agr bill gates harword se niukale jane ko apna naseeb smjh kr khush rehta to ajj software jesi nemat se hum mehroon rehte stephen hawking agr apni bimari ko apna nasib smjh kr qabool krta or is k khilaf justuju nhi krta to hum black hole se waqif nhi hotay sir maine ye sb aap se hi sikha he main apka bohat bada fan hn pr main is bat se ittafaq nhi krta

  5. I cannot agreee with him more… gone through a similar phase!! Its your choices which decide your destiny….

  6. I am not Agree at this point..every one have good or bad moves before something happen good or bad (short term or long term) if you connect like this with past then there are many reasons for an accident or luck for anybody.

    so one thing is sure WE ALL HAVE TO RETURN ” Baqi sab bahany hayin ”

    Allah say apnay aur sab kay liya bhala mango.

  7. I like you but i have not a t.v in my house.Can you gift me a computer

  8. well you can say that his death was written by Allah..but Allah somwetimes make things like this to make other understand..lets say woh sahab asey na kartey tu on ki mouth shayad hoti per asey na hoti..

    and thats the point you are missing

  9. Javaid sahab is a great writer But sometime his articles doesnot make any sense. like this one. His Death was written by Allah in a plane, thats why he died like this. It doesnot have any connection with his career.

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