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Javed Chaudhry on Suicides in Pakistan: Point Blank With Mubashir Lucman


Javed Chaudhry appeared in Point Blank with Mubasher Lucman on the topic of Suicides trend in Pakistan with Mujeerur Rehman Shami and Altaf Gohar. Listen his great and In-depth analysis.


  1. no doubt its more vibrant discussion. such programs should held.


    AOA Sir i have done MBA(HR) IN 2009 WITH CGPA 2.51/4.00.I HAVE NOT GET ANY JOB YET. is there no life for medium student . this country is only for topper.

  3. kia wja ha ap nay is masly ka hall aik tanzeem kaim karny ki surat ma nikal liya ha
    lakin hakoomat aur politacion nai nikalty

  4. These are the chains of slavery to satisfy your lust and greed. Where were you before? You guys helped your gov. to help kuffar to slaughter Muslims in your neighboring countries. Still you guys are not ready to accept your responsibility to strive for implementing ALLAH’s laws and orders on Muslim lands… you are all trying to justify secularism and kuffer. You all witnessed Muslims to be slaughtered by Mushrif and kuffar…

  5. AsA, You will also see my FB ID and Picture story,
    My brother in Law also become due to Suicider, due to her mother bad training, Greed nature, tell lieing etc.. also dual Islamic cultur, they use Islamic lable as self interest etc.

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