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Zero Point - Javed Chaudhry

Islami Jamhuriya Cheen – Javed Chaudhry


  1. Dear writer, I visited china, said a juma prayer in Chengdu’s historic mosque n listened to a Chinese Muslims feelings for Mao in front of his statue in city square. It was ” The biggest Khinzeer”. I believe they hate ur hero. Why, may be because of the severe persecution they faced at the hands of Chinese people and leadership. They produce tasbeeh n jai namaz because we can not do it good enough and by matter of policy we leave this space to give benefit to them as we are doing in Oil n Gas sector in our country. Looks like a change of masters for our subjugated, neo colonialist minds.

  2. Narrow view of China’ success. It has got much deeper roots than mere Mao, who was very abnormal in his behavior and thinking. If u consider Mao in isolation, disregard contribution of Chinese history and leaders who followed Mao’s time, he was a disaster. People, who see Mao alone, responsible for China’ s success are misled by emotionally charged flag bearers of self conceived altruistic wisdom, like of the writer. Our fundamentals are much different from theirs. Consistency of policies, even if they are just average mind’s produce would do good in long term. Consistency in corruption, self service and short sighted ness is bearing its fruits, compromises on our country’s sovereignty like this package in long run will add to our troubles.

  3. Good article
    mind blowing

  4. sir app kahan gee rhy hain.. ham log badal to skty hain lekin mangna nhi chor skty app nain article bohat acha likha ha. lekin yeah pakistan ha yahan ham aur hamari naslin sirf kashkool aur mangny per hi rah skti ha. hamri govt aur ham log kuty ki wo dum hain jo kabhi sedhi nhi ho gi its 100% true

  5. i start reading your aricles,mashallah when we have such writers in pakistan,how come we are total failure in life or elsewhere,yes i live outside of pakistan,but we have no choice,we just need one leader,and one day, may be not in my life time,but inshallah,one day,keep it up my son,keep it up,my prayers are with you.

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  7. syed Zohaib Shah

    No doubt sir mein ap k Article perhta hon I m very impressed and I want to meet u mjhy bht khushi hogi ap say mil k ap say khuch seekh k

  8. Chaudhry Saheb, China ki saari dunyawi khoobiyan laiq e tahseen hien, woh yaqeenan aik model nation ka darja rakhtay hien, magar doosri janib yeh bhi dekhien keh China mien Islam ka kya muqam hai, dunyawi zindagi yaheen reh jani hai, aakhirat mien sirf aamal kaam aien gay, aur haqeeqat yeh hai keh saari dunya ki tara China mien bhi Musalmanon ke saath koi achha sulook nahi kya ja raha, wahan masjid ke pesh imamon ko nachnay pr majboor kya jata hai, unhien majboor kya jata hai keh woh madrason mien yeh darsh dien keh mazhab insaan ko tabah kr deta hai, sinkiang mien musalmanon ka bura haal hai, please aap iss taraf bhi apnay qalam ka rukh morr kr dekhien, humara nazriya yeh hai keh deen ke baghair dunya aisay hi hai jaisay namak ke baghair roti.

  9. sir your inform ation is very good about the china and pakistan

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