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Hum Ne Agar Ab Bhi – Javed Chaudhry

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  1. Ch: Javed sahib you are very much correct. The writ of govt in all sectors unvisible. Now time requires some bold actions, we have to decide whether our masleks are important or country/men.Our society is on burning point, which requires some conditions on occasions.As per ur suggestions there should be ban on rallies,Jaloos, use of loudspeakers on roads, blocked of roads in the name of religion, whereas religion does not permit any one to block roads,and put any body in difficulties. If any Maslak men wants any ceremony, he should go in a place for that purpose. These conditions will save our time,money, energy and no requirements of police,rangers other agencies for weeks and months busy in non productive activities, this also affects on our country’s development. ALLAH bless u and govt; is also requested to consider these suggestions.

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