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Hajj Corruption: Kal Tak by Javed Chaudhry


Javed Chaudhry – host of Kal Tak program in Pakistan, a show with Azam Sawati, Hamid Saeed Kazmi and Capt. Safdar on Hajj Corruption, where Senator Sawati withdrawing from program.


  1. our all politicians r bastard!!!!they all remind me the characters,from the prose gulliver,s travell,by jonathan swift.lilliput governtment cabnit represents the clowns,jesters of our government,PLZ ALLAH,forgive us and free us from all these selfish and deceptive rulers!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Javaeed bahi very nice es tarha he shaid kuch change aye aur logno ki soch change ho you r doing your work very well don’t dishearted ma ap ki kafeat ko samjta hon keep it log laga raha ga ap apna kam krna i relly like your work.

  3. Kazmi outclassed Swati…Capt. Safdar was a catalyst…

  4. Assalamoalekum, Javed Choudhry Sahab ye sb Politicians Choor or Badmash hai,Javed Sahab hamary Cheet Justic of Pakistan Mr Iftaqaar Muhammad Choudhry Sahab ko chiye k In Sub ko Dinner mein bolaien or iss Dinner mein Zaher Poisan mila dy ta k ye sb badmash or choor Politicians mar caiye ta k ye badmash choor wahi maar jiye or ye mulk in k hato sy bach jaien

  5. Wasif Khan Battagram

    Wah Wah….Kia pichara hey Javed, Kazmi, aur Safdar ne Azam Sawati ko..me samajta hoon aik do aur logoon ko bhi bulaya jata…take aainda Pakistan me koi currauption ki bat na karey. Lute Patey Pakistan ko mazeed tabah wa barbad karey.Aur haji…hajion ke to ahram tak baich daley…What a shameful act by you Javed. I don’t belong to JUI or Azam sawati is not my relative, but they way you treated him is like you are favoring these corrupt people. And for this they keep you “HAPPY”.

  6. they are bastard.but v as a nation are biggest bastard for electing such kind of politicians.

  7. I hear dogs barkng sometimes in the wee hours of night…they sound much better than what I just heard.

  8. JAved Sb its not gud… is program mein saaf pata chala raha hai k aap Hamid Saeed Kazmi ki side lay rayaa hain….. aur govt b usi ki side lay rahee hai….
    yakeen janyea k Allah ki lathi be awaz hai…. aur jis na us k ghar janya walyaa bandoo k sath dhokaa kia woh zaleel ruswa ho ga aur sath aap b hon gay agar ap k dil mein b koi chor hai

  9. literally kutton ki tarah lard rahe hain
    hamari her field corrupt ai
    YA ALLAH pz hame koi Sultan salahuddin ayubi jaisa koi bnda de(AMEEN

  10. these are our representator!!!!!
    Bull shitt!!!!

  11. Dont let him flee. Arrange a special program for this hero of JUI

  12. Azam Swati saya USA is our enemy and a bad country and boasts that I m helping poor people and his own check of 10 Million was dishonoured donated to Flood afectees in Swat. His own kids are in USA why does not he call them in Pakistan if USA is so bad

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