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Facebook – Javed Chaudhry

After joining Facebook, Javed Chaudhry wrote a column on Facebook. It helps everyone to think about that whether he/she should boycott the Facebook or keep it in use. Javed Chaudhry again announces the basis of his decision and positive use of technology. A must read!


  1. yesterday programme kal tak me Javaid sahib aap ne ziyadti ki shibli faraz k sath k kitna bara jalsa .Javaid Sahib aap jo bashan programme k start me detay hain wo to Hakumat par laago hota hai kiyun k Imran khan ne to kabhi koi ministry tak nai li.Leader to nawaz shareef aur us k ministers haim.Aaap ko ye bhi pata hai k Hanif abbasi,Daniyal aziz,Abid sher ali,Zaeem Qadri aur dosre kitney badtameez hain ye log behen aur maa tak ponch jatey hain jesa hanif abbasi umer PAT aur kal raat hi talk show me Chowdry ejaz k sath abid sher ne maa tak ki baat ki in batameezo k sath javaid chowdry sahib ka rawaya bara dheela hota hai.Humare kisi Sahafi me itni jurat nai k in ko girebaan se pakar sakey to log jo qatil hain 16 logo k model town me logo ki khudkashiyun k aap Chowdry sahib bara aap janab in se karte hain ye log hain is Qabil?

  2. muhammad awaisch mirpur

    jnb apny bhot acha write kiya ha ma agry krta ho

  3. do you know what is written on the / WILL;of benazir bhutoo by which ALLAH IMPOSE the azab in shape of z..a..r..d..d..a..r..i. if not.why not.are you not a true pakistani journalist?

  4. Dear Javed Ch. Sb,
    your approach is wright.

  5. SALAM sir !!!
    I realy like ur c0lumns 0n different issues … I have a questi0n … Duniya ko lgta Pakistan 1947 ko azad ho gya tha jo gult ha … Humie azadi kb mila ge ??

    I am farhat ameer from faisalabad i am regular reader and viewersof your colunms and articles on xpress news paper and tv are a excellent writer i am keen impressed you. i have also write articles and i want to publish them but i have not any source to published.can you help me in the favour of publication of my articles in news papers.please reply me and show me a good path

    Farhat Ameer (Hons.) Horticulture
    Institute of Horticultural Sciences,
    University of Agriculture, Faisalabad,

  7. Nice column written by Javed chaudhry saab…and i really appreciate him on his step to educate the youth of our country.M also a yougster and trying to work for political change in my country…

  8. Nice column written by Javed chaudhry saab…and i really appreciate him on his step to educate the youth of our country.M also a yougster and trying to work for political change in my country…

  9. Dear Javed sab,I appreciate ur work n pray for u to do the job like Sir Sayed ahmad khan done.You have the writing power,you have the ability,You have the ability to express ur views on international platform.than why you r not trying to do so??? We all support you in terms of money you will require or in whaterver term u need. so plz take a step toward the destination…..

  10. I disagree with Mr. Javed, although I am his biggest fan. Mr. Adnan has pointed out rightly what was the exact reason behind this boycott. We boycotted due to hypocrisy showed by FB Management by not removing this page, whereas “denail of holocaust” page got removed within the creation of 30 minutes. I am not suggesting anyone to leave FB, instead “yeh to mohabat ka muamla hai” as said by Iqbal “Na jab tak kut marun main Khwaja yasrab ki izzat par—–Khuda shahid k kamil mera imaan ho nahi sakta”

  11. i have two reasons for leaving facebook;
    1-muslims many times reminded facebook admin to delete that page but facebook admin remained behined those evil persons.
    2-i also made a page on holocaust but facebook admin not only removed my page but also deleted my account,.

  12. sir ji…. asslam-o-aliakum
    sir ji mashallah app ka likhny ka ya andaz hi aap ki kabyabi ka raaz hai k aap har baat aathantic tariky sai bayan karty ho jo k ek barda such hota hai .per sir hum loogon ka kiya hoga k hum ek kaan sai sunty hain aur doosry kaan sai nikal dety hain aur agar nikalty nahi tu hum uss per ummal nahi karty .mera aap sai yai sawal hai k aissa kyoon hai ? kiya aassa nahi k humhain ek sachy leader ki zarrorat hai mager who kaun ho sakata hai?kiya aap ko yaqeen hai k aap ka kam loogon ko jagana hai busss? kiya kiya aap mulk ko bachany k liy mulk k leader nahi bany gai ?batain karna aasan hota hai ,lecture dena b assan hota hai magar ummal karna mushkil .sir ji mery khyal main aap ko siasat main aana chahiy hai agar nahi tu kyoon ? aur sir ji aap hi khaty hain k roze apny muqsad ki turf qadam bharhaty raho tu kiya aap iss qoam ki taqdeer badalny kai liy phala qadam uthha sukty hain ?

  13. syed Haseeb Ali Ahmad

    shame on you chaudry shame on have realy give unrealistic picture.u must think what are u syaing

  14. Good aproch,I like your comments.

  15. you have a great power to convince others which make you different frm other coloumist

  16. MFB i.e. Millat Face Book
    has come up.

    visit it

  17. Aoa. Is it possible to find this article in English? 🙂

  18. pathan to khud dehshat gardi ka shikar hain. sub say zyada tabahi to pathano ki hoe hain. main app say iltija karta hoon kay is kay baray main bhi kuch likhain shukriya.

  19. javed bahi app say ak guzarish hain kay hamaray jitnay bhi pakistani bahi kahtain hain kay ye bomb blasting pathan kartay hain app plz un say kahdain kay pathan dehshat gard nahin hain

  20. javed bahi iam a bag of your writing i m agry with u.inshallah u will succeed in ur mission and i am with u

  21. javed bahi u r right.
    i m agry with u and always with u.
    inshallah we bcomed strong muslims.

  22. Asalamoalaikum
    I just want to mention that I am a big fan of your writings and believe you are one of the best amongst the current columnists and anchors. Your today’s column titled “Facebook” got me shocked as two very well known facts were misrepresented. Than I thought to myself that you are also a human being and as such we are all prone to errors. However being a great and ethical person that you are I am sure you will take corrective action and clarify in your next column.
    There is no doubt that you are a very well known columnist who is actually very famous through out the country and beyond for his critical analysis of political and other social events and you are writing about facebook incident so ignorantly that I it gives sense of nepotism or pursuing some personal objectives which I will try to exlain in the coming paragraphs
    It’s a very common saying that “ The way of telling truth can even alter the truth” that’s what I perceived from your today’s column about facebook and any one who is familiar with the facts regarding this issue which are actually available through out the internet world on thousands of websites can also perceive this .You rightly said what Sir Syed Ahmed Khan did in 1861 he learned English language instead of boycotting it while the other were doing so and he presented a book against a book in the language of enemy . There are indeed two ways to protest one is to do a boycott and other is to give a reply in the same way, the way which enemy use . You said that you are a Muqalad of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan the one who does Talqeed of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s way to give response to the enemies right? What Sir Syed Ahmed Khan did? Did he called the people to same book which was written by Willian to give reply to William or himself wrote a book which testified the truth and presented the complete and fair analysis of truth and falsehood ?
    If you are real Muqalad of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan then tell me have you made any muslim facebook to give the similar response to the blasphemous facebook which is actually supporting such kind of activties? As you himself saying in the column that muslim should make a muslim social networking website to teach a lesson to facebook where the muslims of 58 Muslims countries can come and do interaction. Being prominent personality of this country and the one who have large number of fans though out the country it was very easy for you to make such kind of social website and promote it as its not big deal for the media figure like you when it also doesn’t cost much but Being the Muqalad of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan you didn’t do that instead of it you are defending the facebook by hiding truth regarding facebook and its policy and also requesting others to join you on the same facebook on the name of technology by making a page where you and your friends do gathering then by doing so how can you say that you are a muqalad of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan?
    Let me unhide the facts one by one you said that facebook is just a social media where anyone can make any page with whatever content and facebook allows it without any cast , creed, color and religion discrimination if it is so tell me one thing can you make a holocaust denial page or anything against jews on facebook? You said we had to do two things instead of boycotting facebook first thing to do is to do protest worldwide to show facebook our love to our religion and Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) to stop such kind of activities in future tell me are you ignorant of protest rallies through out the pakistan and and other muslim countries which were covered by national and international media worldwide before the boycott of facebook in Pakistan but still the blasphemous pages were not removed by the facebook and even more pages and groups naming Draw Allah, Burn Quran and Show Muhammad Day were made and supported by facebook irrespective of protest of world’s largest community. You said that the second thing which we had to do is to make a muslim social networking website to gather the whole Islamic world tell me are you ignorant of Millatfacebook ? Which was built by only six IT students by using the same technology which was covered by both national and international media worldwide including Aljazeera Tv ,Indian news papers and news channels , which is still thriving with an enormous growth with both national and international members where muslims from 58 muslim countries are coming just for the cause of being unite on one platform . Now tell me if you were present during the time when Sir Syed wrote his book which book you would promote Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s Book or William’s Book ? I am sure your choice would be Sir Syed Ahmed khan’s Book right? Now if we have the same technology which our enemies have then why should we go for facebook instead of millatfacebook which is equivalent to facebook and even more rich in contents and features? This is just like the current condition of Pakistan a country which is a nuclear power but still facing the deficiency of electricity a country which is full of natural resources but still begging for foreign aid
    You concluded your column by making request to the readers that we should come on facebook to promote your page negating the ways of protest which you mentioned yourself in your column by hiding the existence of Pakistan’s first internationally recognized muslim social networking website millatfacebook and quoting the true examples from the life of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan wrongly just to force readers to visit your page on facebook. If you are true “muqalad” of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and your objective is to spread knowledge as you mentioned in your column and not to promote facebook like others who want to promote it for what ever reason ? then why are you not supporting and promoting millatfacebook as a social networking website in national interest? I end my review again with a common saying that is


    (Moderator please let me publish this post if you are a supporter of freedom of expression and if you dont agree with my point of rewiew then then give answers to my points )

  23. sir i agree with ur sugesstions you r absolutely right after ur great ideas its our resposibility to follow it

  24. Engr.sundus mubeen

    sir u gave a new direction to people who did protest in this way.i think itz good approach to face such problem like this which u mentined in ur column.sundus is agree with your views.i think your motivating and encouraging words ‘ll prove a ray ov hope and divert their attention who did protest to block this website…wonderfull idea…thumbs up and carry best wushes r with u sir..ur humble admirer .. engr.sundus mubeen.

  25. Salam dear Javed,

    I really agree with your comments, I have a very big respect for you. I have been living in Germany since 25 years and I´m always reading your articles. You´re a very good writer!!! My Regards, Thank you!

  26. sir, i m really impress abt ur 2dy coloum on Facebook. i m one of these who boycott this website after this stupid issue…. sir u rite.. its great encurge to me to face this new world through to take stand in front of it

  27. i m 100% agree with you. and u r really doing positive job……i about 20 years abroad first 13 years in saudia and now almost 5 year in uae. what i noticed we just has slogans but no practical…and now i m sorry to say even we don’t have leader ship.

  28. bhai jaan app great hoo hum sab app k sath hai

  29. agree with you sir…you r great writer..

  30. agree with u sir…

  31. I am 100% agree with you and I Would like to write News paper colum as like you will you guide and help me in this matter just like a big brother I will wait for your possitive response.Thanks and regards, Syed Rashid Azeem

  32. Javed sahib,

    Main aap say 100% agree hoon kay dushman say us ki zaban main bat zarori hoti hai.

  33. Javeed Bhai,


    want to share 2 things with you..
    seeking you for a long time, now think to contact you through this SITE….

    1 issue 1 informed you that there is already MILLAT FACEBOK, one we will discuss later.

    Fi Amaan Allah

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    1981-1998 ( in LIBYA)
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    FAMILY here.

    Please advice your cell number, i promise you that will not disturb you much, INSHA ALLAH.

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