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Discover Your Talent (Part 3 of 8) – Javed Chaudhry

Part 3/8: A motivational and learning lecture… Discover Your Talent  – Javed Chaudhry in Superior University Lahore on Sep 24, 2010.



  1. Dear Brother
    Could you please read “AL QURAN” with meaning because then u know what ALLAH MIGHTY said. We shouls understand what we are reading that is the right of “QURAN” becasuse when we some friends are taking together and one of them could not understand his talk he will ask friend that i could not understand ur talk so please repeat me or make me understand. So “QURAN” is the word of ALLAH and has all the right to understand what are we reading that only we can achive by reading throughUrdu translation and tafaseer.Best thing we try to learn arbic becauise then what will u read from “QURAN”; that will stat effect on ur heart but if we are not learning arabic then at least we should read “QURAN” with urdu translation and tafseer.Here i will give simple example from real life that we are doing PHD,MASTER, BACHELOR in sceinecor english leturte and other so many subject and languges for our whole life : why we can not give maximum one year to learn arabic that is our “QURAN’ lanuge.We are reading “QURAN” with out meaninmg or understanding; only for “AJER OR SAWAB” I am agree that there is too much “AJER OR SWAB” but is “QURAN” came only for “AJER OR SWAB” or “QURAN” came to understand and apply in ur life according with order of “ALLAH SUBHANHOOWATALLH”and if we will read this with meaning then will come to know what is right or wrong are we doing in our life.u can read easily daily at least one “RUKOO” any time especially morning. I humbily request u first of pass this message to ur family member becasue “ISLAH” start from home and then to realtive and then to friends and all muslims. Brother Javed i am fane of u and u r the best colum writer and i request u please write one colum at least on that we non arabic should read “QURAN” with translation to understand what we are reading then only we can apply to our every walk of life. I am sure if government should start from school level and u will see that we will get honest people and i am also sure if will read “QURAN” with meaning 100% our bad thing will be finish because “QURAN” appeal to ur heart and “ROOH”. Salam to all.Pray for me from ALLAH.
    Mohammed Ikram

  2. video is unavailable???????/

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