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Aik Farmaishi Column – Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry reveals another Social Cancer… Prostitution in Pakistan and the way the high level network works! A must read!


  1. At time writer has limitations from publisher and etc …..and ethically it is not correct to pin point any specific person as it a whole network …..he has HIGHLIGHTED THE PROBLEM and also ask each one of us to become carefull………I read same Kind of stories about NIPA …where the same Kind of Mess was done …..with University going gals………I STRONGLY ASK THE PARENTS TO BE VIGILANT AND RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CHILDERN >>>>> at young age many people tends to carry away …so it is essential to warn them ……….

  2. This is purely due to the environment we have created within our Country ….once I heard from an elder that pardon me if anyone feel odd for using slangs “Haram ki kamaiyee per palney wali Ulaad Harmiyee Pan hi karey gi” ……I guess Almighty help all does who try to preserve their purity……hence we should also admit the fact that …we are living in modern ear of Technology where smallest mistakes can lead to disasters ……… what kind of soceity we want to evolve ……..in which ….UFONE, TELENOR, MOBILINK etc promoting to chat in the nights ……..KoI SHAREEF ADAMI RAAT KO KAAM KI BAAT NAHI KAR SAKHTA ……..we must think…….and promote goodness share these kind of things …….to avoid or eliminate this mess…….

  3. Yeh kya baat hoi na us Aham Banday ka naam btaya na us company ka naam bataya, Is tarha un ko is bayniqab kiss tarah kiya jaya ga. Yeh Javed Ch. ney Apney Profession k saath insaf nahein kya. Hum Students ko is tarah key Maafiya ko Bayniqab karna ha.

  4. Javed Sb ya hamra moashra ka almia ha ka hum apna bachon par dahan nahi data.
    Javed ch. sb Ap ka kalam zabardast ha.
    ALLAH Ap KO SALAMAT RAKHA Aur Ap Asa Hi Lakhta Rahan

  5. this is horrible :'(

  6. oh God this is some thing really noticable i want to say one thing ahtiat elaj sy behter hai or ye to la elaj hai!!!!!

  7. Us aham shaksiyat ka naam kyu nahi kyu nahi bataya…? thori jurrat ka muzahirta kijiye aur himmat dikhaye openly baat keray…

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