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21v Sadi Professor Ahmed Rafique Ki Sadi Hai – Javed Chaudhry

An essay or pen sketch from Javed Chaudhry’s book ” Gaye Dino Ke Sooraj, about distinguish scholar and Sufi, Professor Ahmed Rafique Akhtar Sahib.


  1. to know a person from within is tougher but the proper way is not through one?s gotted fame,but is to get acces to if one has or has left behind him some work-any book or any such…
    so prof. ahmed rafique must be judged through his books, lectures and yoy will find him really parallel to defined criteria,

  2. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You’re wonderful!

  3. dear brother n sister,i have read all comments,mashallah all ok,but remember,k babas hain,Aoliya hain,Allah ny her bundy ko koi na koi khoobi di hy….no doubt about that..
    main subko manta hon,every one is trying to do good for human beings..
    Rahi baat noumaan bhai ki…he is right…plz dont compare these babas etc with Quid e azam Mohammad Ali jinnah…
    yes Mumtaz sb,shahab sb, wasif ali wasif,specially Rafiq Akhter sb…..waqai bohat bary,great Aalim hain,bohat ziada achy log hain,aj tak kisi ka nuqsaan nahi kiya,bulkeh kisi na kisi tareeqy sy Allah ki baat ki,aor mukhlooq ki khidmat ki…..Allah inko iska ajer dy….ameen
    do read all of them,u will get some good hope,energy and motivation….lakin Mohammad Ali jinah ky bary main perhty aor sunty hain,to bunda waqai heeran reh jata hy unki Yaqeen per,hoslay,dedication,ferz shanas,asool parust,straight farward,clear mind and thinking….ap kuch bhi sochain,,,He was 99.9% in his saying and doings….
    sub sy pehly Allah aor phir usky Rasool kibundgi karo,baqi achy logon sy seekhoo…ye bundgi ,mureedi……??
    bus in sy logon sy Elum hasil karo aor Duwa lo…Mashora lo aor khud bhi in achy logon ko Duwa do,k ye zinda aor sehat mund rahain…ameen
    apus main Q ler rahy ho,k wo acha aor flan Bora tha etc..
    ap subka Duwa go wa khair andesh Nasir Tareen

  4. I have gone through the chain of comments and probably force to submit mine as well cause i know the subj from last 11 years and when i was stricken by the conflicts he was the man who resolved it for me and said, peace of mind is not the absence of conflicts is the ability to cope with them, there is no doubt that prof knows Allah and a kamil Wali.Why we want to see every wali like mehdi e waqat, he sought for personal enlightenment and journeyed millions miles for it and got approval from Allah. I know many saints on the basis of Taqwa, they are saints, but never saw a scholarly saint and found the same in him, he is natural and understands the true meaning of Islam and the way of our prophet (saw).

  5. Upar behas chal rhi thi zaman may Guzarish ye hay k .. Ashfaq sahab or mumtaz mufti ya Professor sahab status quo or mojoda istehsaaali siyaasi nizaam ya army establishment ki kahin bhi himayat nai karte.. dunya may kon sa Insan hay jo 100% durust baat karat ho..her shaks ki kuch baten achi hoti hain kuch buri.. hum kisi ko bhi top to bottom reject nai kar sakte..

  6. shukar karta hoon k professor saaab ahmadi firqey se nahi hain warna wo bhi yunhi rul jate jese k……..


  8. Muhammad Makhdoom ul Hassan Khan

    Javed Choudhary,

    Aik aesa shakhs jo alfaz se is khubsurti se khelta hai k parhne wala sehr zada ho jata hai. Allah ne is shakhs ko kamal ata kia hai.

    Professor Sahib,

    Chaudhary ne jo kaha mujhe is pe yakin pehle hi ho chuka hai. Unke chand lectures sun chuka hun. Meri Dua hai kash mujh jese bhule bhatke balke har bhule bhatke shakhs ko Professor Ahmed Rafique Akhtar kahin ghumte hue mil jaen. Ameen

  9. AOA This comment is for anyone who is looking to find Allah Subhanaho wa Ta’ala.

    Above listed comments are interesting and give a good feeling that all this discussion is happening in a civilized manner. I met professor sab about 5-years ago. I was under the impression that he would also be one of those people who are pretending to be Soofies and minting money off the innocent people, but I found him quite the opposite. He does not take, he gives. I am one of those people who read all the time and I have analyzed almost all the religions and sects. So I went there with a very critical view. But to my surprise I found him very learned about every thing. He has studied Quran for almost 40 years. His knowledge about Quran is immensely deep. He claims (and rightly so) that, Quran’s knowledge (Ilm) is far superior than all the knowledge and sciences of this world. Quran encloses within itself so much information that all these sciences and philosophies are way behind it. Professor sab asks us of only one thing and that is to read and ponder on Quran. That’s exactly what Allah has demanded from Muslims. As a matter of fact Allah relates those human beings to animals who don’t think and ponder on HIS Ayahs (signs). There is too much to say and write on Prof sb’s teachings and philosophies but I’m trying to be brief. In my first meeting he had given me Tasbihat to do everyday. I was very skeptical that I wouldn’t be able to continue these. Especially working on a senior level post Tasbih in my hand would look funny, but since that time I don’t remember missing any day. Also very soon I started feeling changes and improvements within myself, and all of this is only because of Allah Subhanho wa Ta’ala’s blessings and Fazal.

    Prof sb has many books and each of that book is loaded with knowledge and teachings of how to get closer to Allah. He says its very easy to get close to Allah, but you have to make Allah your priority No-1, because Allah being such a Supreme Entity, being Owner of all the universes and worlds, (Maalikul Mulk – Zuljalale Wal-Ikram) will never like it to be lesser priority. If we really ponder, we are nobody (a very in-significant being) in such a big scheme of things, in such a big universe where trillions of planets and stars exist in Allah’ kingdom, but Allah (Al-Rahman) says ‘when you think of Me, I think of you’. Is there any stone hearted believer in this whole universe whose eyes will not shed tears when the thought comes into his/her mind that Allah is thinking about him/her??

    Anyone who is really interested to jump into this world of Reality, is encouraged to go to his website His books are on line too but you can buy them from any good bookstore. If you really want to shake your heart and mind then start from his book Almaat and Istafsaraat.

    Good luck and may we all get close to Allah and experience HIS love and blessings.

  10. does he write any books? any body know the names.

  11. profeser sahb ustadoo k ustad hay

  12. The pen is mightier than the sword. It is much truer in this information age than it was in 1839 when Edward Bulwar-Lytton first used this phrase in his play Richelieu. Media plays a great role to influence and educate the mass mind even in advanced countries. In a society like Pakistan where majority of people are illiterate or semi-illiterate and where even the highly educated people can’t escape the impact of cultural superstitions and sectarian mentality, media has greater responsibility and influence. The pen becomes much more powerful when it is in the hand of a columnist like Javed Chaudhry as these folks have a large and wide readership. Obviously these folks (columnists) are also supposed to be good at writing and able to have significant impact on the readers’ mind that is why they would be writing for renowned newspapers. People would normally consider the writers and columnist to be expert and knowledgeable on any topic they write about. However, even the writers have their limitations as human beings and one cannot blindly follow or believe in what they are writing. As per Qur’anic injunction, we should be critically thinking and investigating any matter which comes to our knowledge.

    Personally, I was quite impressed with Prof. Akhtar in absentia after reading various columns and testimonies by many journalists about him. I wanted to know more about this person and found some of his lectures on Youtube. Being a Muslim I believe that Quran is the best mean and source to distinguish right from wrong and truth from falsehood. I urge the learned participants on this forum to apply the same criteria to have an independent opinion about Mr. Akhtar. Make sure that you have read and understood Quran before you start reading any other books of wisdom by Prof. Akhtar or anyone else. The greatest wisdom is in the Quran brought by the last Messenger and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Here I would like to share my personal opinion about Prof. Akhtar, he appeared to me a man of ordinary intellect and lacking in understanding of Qur’an. You are obviously free to make up your own mind but don’t forget to consult Qur’an as the final word before making any judgement.

  13. maybe he is the teacher I am looking for,since long time.I can’t classify him as a sufi or a mystic, but from the details given above, I can only say that maybe, he is the one in modern times who recognizes ALLAH in true sense.

  14. well. guys interesting reading, i would meet the respected figure tomorrow IA. and would let you ppl. know of my experience thereafter IA. 🙂

  15. Mr.Noman
    Just one suggestion for you; please go and meet this gentleman, Prof. Ahmed Rafique, in Gujar Khan (about 60Km to the South of Islamabad – ask anyone there and he will guide you to him) and then say all you want about him. Because it’s not fair to comment about a person that you have never met in your life. Go there with an ‘Open Mind’ as you suggest the same to others.
    Best Regards

  16. @Maleeha
    I told you your mind is under the trance of the writings of these God gifted writers. It will take time for it to think freely on its own.
    I would advise that you may want to read my above write ups once a day for a week with complete softness of heart and openness of mind. I am sure you will start feeling confident in exercising your own “freedom of thought” in analyzing these “worldly” affairs. Then only you will realize that the issue is not why we throw trash on the road but the issue is why we do not have a trend in our suburbs to build toilets within our house boundaries and why we use open fields for our personal hygiene? The issue is not only trash throwing but why we do not have public toilets in towns and sufficient roads and sufficient food and houses in our country? How your theory that we should individually work correctly will solve these issues? Agar ham government se expect naa karaiN to aap batlaiN aor kis say karaiN. Government ka aor kiya kaam hai? Aap awam ko to aram se guilty kar rahi haiN ke “hame siruf aik kaam aata hai, aur woh hai criticize kerna” lekin ap system/government ko khuli chutti de rahi haiN ke bhai tum tao sudhar nahi saktay iss liye tum per koi tanqeed nahi.
    This argument is very popular and, off course, it has its traits also in Ashfaq saheb and Mumtaz Mufti’s teachings, but as I told u, u will understand it only when u free your mind from the clutches of their articulation. How can u do it? I told u that too. 🙂 Until then Khush rahiye.

  17. @Mr. Noman, You already accepted this fact that “Its a GOD Given Country” yeah yahan Ayub, yahya, aur bhi najane kitne aise hi loag they aur hain, don’t want to mention the name; Sub ne khub khaya aur khate chale aa rahe hin, yeh kaisi ALLAh Talah ki “Anayat” hai k Pakistan hai, 63 Years— Almost all were Disaster years, lakin Pakistan hai, beshak apni asal heyat mae nahee, lakin Pakistan hai….. kn chala raha hai isay obviously Allah Talah, Rub isay apne banaye hoay nizam k tehat chala raha hai, grnd realities ki jahan tk baat hai, hum khud galat kaam kerte hai n expect from govt k wh sahi ho, sarak per koora hum phaikte hain, kubhi khayal nahee aata k ager govt n dustbins nahi lagae hain to kya houa, hum to apna farz poora kare, lakin hame siruf aik kaam aata hai, aur woh hai criticize kerna, hum khud individual jo chahe kare lakin expect from others k wh sahee kare, grnd realities khud ko sahi kerne se sahi hongi.

  18. @Maleeha
    Respected madam, I know it hurts. Qudratullah Shahab saheb and his mentees, Ashfaq saheb and Mumtaz Mufti saheb are the most inspiring writers of Urdu literature. They have mesmerized the minds of our learned middle class so deeply that many of their fans even talk in the same trance and style. You also seem to be an ardent fan of them. This fact reflects in your style of writing too. No one can save him or her from that venom. They make you addict of this venom. Read in above Javed Choudhry’s article the last paragraph. You will feel like you are reading Mumtaz Mufti not Javed Choudhry. This heart catching diction takes the minds of the educated middle class in its grip with so much power that you start betraying and denying the ground realities. And the reality is Pakistan was not created by any “Baba” of Mumtaz Mufti brand. The so called “Babas” emerged on its politics only when the real Baba, the great Quid e Azam was removed from the scene. Mr. Jinnah was not a man from sainthood but it was his vision and leadership and action of ordinary masses that drew the map of Pakistan on this globe. But that was it. Then Pakistan was not a country for its masses but a loot for its elite, where the preachers of dark knowledge opened their shops by grabbing every opportunity. Be it Ayub Khan’s cabinet or Yahya Khan’s Martial Law or Ziaul Haq’s Ulema & Mashaekh darbar. Enough is enough. No Mumtaz Mufti or Ashfaq Ahmed or Javed Choudhry should dare to preach to the ordinary people they should submit and withdraw their claims on this God-given country just because their fake “Babas” advise them to give up “duniya”. Bibi Maleeha, please ask yourself one question: Why in every book of your beloved writers, they came across only those “buzurgs”, “aulias”, “Babas” who held offices in government establishment circles and were never less in status than grade 20 and 21? Why those Babas did not give up social status and the economical luxury in the way of Allah or even for setting example for their followers? Why even QudratulLah Shahab did not distance himself from the deluxe and comfy life in the ruling corridors? Why all patience and withdrawal from the needs of life is binding on only ordinary masses? Think about it. Its more humane than any other teachings of humanity.

  19. @Ghouri, I really sorry for writing ur name, its
    Oh sorry i was write the wrong name, its not @Mr. ghouri, its @Mr, Noman A Khan.

  20. @Mr. Ghouri, What ever you said, its entirely your opinion,but what you are doing here? You don’t have any right to say anything to “Ashfaq Ahmed”, “Mumtaz Mufti” or “Qudrat-ullah-Shahab” you don’t take the name of him, but every one know this fact that the both above writers were “aqeedat mund and friends” of Shahab sahab. Abdul Wadood, jin ka ziker “Alakh Nagri” mae bhi hai jinho ne 90 huj keay aur “Hazrat mahajir makki” k mureed thay, bauhat buland paya buzarg thay, un se aik dafa jo musafiha kerta us k haath se aik hafte tuk khushbu nahee jati thi, wh buzurg jb Qudrat ullah se milte to un k hath choomte.

    yeh sub apne apne aqeede ki baat hai, dil mane to mano na mane to na sahi, just leave it, mut perhe un k bare mae, yeh sub ap k dil k khail hain, nahee samajh aaye to kubhi akaile baith ker “Allah Talah” se batein ker k daikheay ga, ahista ahista khud connection bun jaye ga

  21. Most of the readers seem to have believed in Javed Choudhry’s claim that 21st. century would be professor Ahmed’s century. We r already in to the 21st. century for one decade now and most of the guys are still asking where can they find professor Rafiq Akhtar? If this century were really to be his century then you must be already knowing his whereabouts instead of asking. This itself is a proof that how falsified are the “visions” of Javed Choudhry and similar other “opinion makers” of our establishment. No doubt previous century was the century of Allama Iqbal, Alahazrat Ahmed Raza Khan sahib and Pir Golra Shareef. But sudden emergence of professor Rafiq as a candidate of being a similar personality cannot be swallowed so easily. It’s a typical example of the craft of our writers of the establishment that keep creating fake “saints and saviors” to misguide the learned people of our middle class. This is the same intellectual trick that Ashfaq Ahmed and Mumtaz Mufti had played to create auras of saints around several similar “babas” of our establishment. The purpose of all this deception is one; keeping the ordinary people from realizing the fact that the fundamental responsibility of the state of Pakistan and all its functions is to provide the basic necessities of life to all its citizens, which it is not fulfilling at all. These deceptive writers and all their false “saints” and “babas” are working day and night to tell the people that all their grievances and sufferings at the hands of oppressive ruling classes are due to ordinary people are not good “muslim” and their “rizq” is conditional with their knowledge of and nearness to God. They teach the people not to expect that the state and the system will fulfill its fundamental responsibility of facilitating the guaranteed provision of the basic necessities (rizq) to its citizens. They even preach to the people not to question the high socio-economic status of such writers as well, because these writers enjoy this status due to the will of God. In this theory of shortage of “rizq” for an ordinary man and the “will of God” there comes never a mention of the rich state resources and their misappropriation by the ruling classes, corrupt system, feudal oppression and the hijacked justice, security and respect of an ordinary man. Pakistan was founded to become a “Welfare” state for its entire people in the name of Allah. But it has been converted in a “hellfire” for its poor people by a powerful few usurping the people’s “rizq” in the same name of our Creator, who on the contrary, provides “rizq” even to an insect inside a rock.
    Javed Choudhry and all other similar “intellectuals” must know that Allah has never chosen the people of professor Rafiq’s caliber to become the man of the century (mujaddid). There have been bygone many fakes but there is One true who is yet to come. He will destroy the entire edifice of all this deception this time once for all from its very roots. The root is, the “middle class” inspiring, selfish intellectualism that provides the justification for exploitation, in reward of a meager share in the booty. These people should repent and beg the Almighty for His mercy for their intellectual sins that they have been committing by providing religious and intellectual veil to the cruel oppression of vested interests.

  22. Prof sb is in Gojar Khan..

    that’s his site..

  23. Is anyone recommend any of book about professor, i want to know him more and read about him. Is he write something? Is he alive? i want to meet him.

  24. better read Professor AHmad rafiq Akhtar, and if you feel it difficult to read then atleast see his video lectures. he is wonderful indeed. I read his first book in 2001, and became FAN. THis person Professor Ahmad , he has the power to entriely change your thinking point of view at angle of 180 degree 🙂

  25. Another memorable pen sketch by Javed Choudhry. I like it and wish to meet professor Ahmed Rafiq if possible.

  26. mein ne in se related ap ka ek article pehly b parha tha but ab detail mei parh k aur b acha laga….

  27. mind blowing,having loads to learn

  28. fabulous….havng loads to learn.

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