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Sher aur Sargoshi – Izhar ul Haq


  1. It’s a good article

  2. Aap b is darpok or buzdil society k aik darpok or buzdil fard ho, shame of you….

  3. Sir ap k is column ko pr kr maza ni aya .ap ny b bus khana puri ki hy .ap ny to un dogs, and pigs k name hi ni liy . (be brave sir .Allah sub sy bara hy)

  4. Izhar sahab unfortunately you belong to the same society who will never expose any names, you don’t even want to own your column and the reason may be because you want to write again tomorrow and this is the dilemma we suffering from. Even though as you have said that the names were announced are given in TV or press but you won’t dare to repeat them. Please no offence. But if you write you should write with full integrity or otherwise no point because everybody knows what happened any way now.

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