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Kya Hamray Doctor? – Izhar ul Haq



  1. Muhammad Basharatullah

    The situation of health care is even worst in Pakistan especially Government Hospitals. In private hospitals focus is on earning money not on quality care.

    Alhamdolillah, in Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, we are providing high quality care to all whether they pay or not. we have proven that in Pakistan international standard care can be provided.

  2. Bilkul yeh hi us mey bhi hotta hey,pakistan mey tou doctor mareez ki suntey bhi nahi kuch bettana tou door ki baat aisa kiyu hotta hey kaash koi jchief justice iss key liey koi law bena dey or usko implement bhi kerna zaroori hey .lekin hum tou jungle key qanoon sey bhi zayada azaad mulk pakistan mey rehtey hein jehan insaniyeet naam ki koi cheese nahi or doctors khuda ki panha yeh log buhet kum hi achey insaan ho sekttey hei kum uz kum mera experience hey yeh.

  3. Healthcare is one of the major reasons I avoid moving back to our beautiful country. I have had 4 operations in US. They treat you like you are in a hotel and not hospital. Amazing and humble team of doctors and nurses everytime.

  4. Dear sir what ever you have written it is all true…..this happens when we appear in our examination to get degree…thereafter ……very sad we do not apply in our daily life…sorry….

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