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Iqbal Ka Peghaam – Javed Chaudhry

In this though provoking Urdu Column, Javed Chaudhry elaborates the true message of Allama Iqbal… Love and adoption of Good deeds of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.


  1. Ham us pasti main gir chuka hain jahan say nikalnay k liay ksi azeenm muslah ki zaroorat ha tanx God

  2. the colum was excellent and we love
    keep it up bro.

  3. it is enough to open the eyss for every in pakistan , where we ere going as nation.
    we must go to the right path of islam , as staed by our prophet pbuh , which is only way to save our future and present life , otherwise distortion will be our luck.
    we all dua for better to come forwarded . on islamic way ….

  4. well , when i read this colum i am very surprize and understand that why our position in whole world is like a , we are currept , layers,and narrow mind, voilation of human rights law in every where in all depatments of our life.being a muslim, pakistani we must look forwarded serat u nabi, who,s folwers must be follow with real practice.allha hum ko amal karnay ki tofeeq atta kary,,,

  5. Dear Javaid Chaudhry
    Your column in daily jhng on 30. Jan 2002 “OON KA GOLA” was send to me five years ago. I read it and I learnt from it. This was also read before a group of more than 300 at KIEL in Germany and it made many people to think. I have a copy of it which is not good to read. If it is possible for you to mail me in INPAGE and allow me to translate in German and read before Pak origin Germans, I shall be grateful to you.
    Yours sincerely,

  6. bohat acha coloumn hai laikin aik baat ki tardidi zaror karungi ke mera taluq bhi aik islami tehrik se hai aur hmari in amam pehlun par tarbiat ki jati hai…jahan tak cleaness ki baat ki hmain to even aik wrapper bhi pehkne se mana kiya jata hai aur jitne usool apne batae wo to basics hain…aur alhmdulliah hmari islami tehrik main ye bilkul raij hain…aur is baat ko karkunan tak muntaqil kiya jata hai ke inqalab lane ke liye pehlay step ye sb hain jo ap ne bayan kiye aur iske sath sath dusri chezain yani aqamate din ke liye jidujehad bhi zarori hai…jo Rasool s.a.w ka uswa tha…apke article se bilkul mutafiq hun bs apki is baat ki tardid ki hai ke koi jamat is pe zor nahi daiti to aisa nahi hai…

  7. Javaid Ch. is clearly presenting one of the real spirt of Islam.These all points want our attention so that v can change our way of life.

  8. Kashif Shahzad Zaidi (Advocate)

    Bohat khoobsoorat kalam, bila shoba agar hum Islami Taleemat per aml krain tu aj bhe donya mein kamyab ho saktay hein. Ch. Sahib k column roshni aur rahnomai daytay hein. Doston ko bhe perhynay ki tergeeb dain

  9. Simply awsome !!!

  10. again a very deep and a kind of column that we all should act and work upon

  11. O my GOD!!! Ithink its an extremely true picture of islam 4 what i’m searching 4 many years

  12. O, Allah, Give me, to prectice all this & whole World.

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