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Hussain Haqqani Ke Sath Mulaqat

Javed Chaudhry met Husain Haqqani in America during last visit to Washington. He shared some part of their conversation and appeal to government that such an ‘intelligent’ person should perform ‘reform’ service in Pakistan!!!


  1. Hon.Sir, We Orphans, Pensioners, Widows, Special Peoples & Poors belong to Ismailia Aga Khani Fiqa. We deposited our reserves of Crores of Rs. in Mubarak, Aliabad & Al-Rahim Co-op. Registered Credit Societies, Hyd, Sindh, Pak. Since 6 years neither profit given, nor amount refunded. Kindly do some thing on basis of H.Rights. from Haji Sajid Ali Khuwaja, Govt. Noor Mohd H/S, Hyd.?

  2. Sir, your whole column is intresting and realistic, but the last sentence is perfectly able to open the minds of our people… Another thing i shall mention, he is an american citizen thats why he is serving those whites…

  3. sir ap to meethi churi he bn gaey haqani sb k liyay. anyhow, haqani sb no doubt aik inspiring personality hongay but i observed woh aik inconsistent or dishonest insan b hain, coz he always preferred his privileges. As he has a variable political career.

  4. Wonderful article, beautifully explained. there is still a lot in to this story, how this fellow and his wife arrived where they are today. This is a result of bibi’s insecurities, and this fellows clerical shrewdness. He is cunningly
    manipulative thug. The party which was bringing bibi back,after bibi’s death, he became mouth piece to them for ppp. this fellow sold his soul to devil to arrive where he is.

  5. Aisa logon ki waja se aaj humara yeh haal, sir aap ka qalam bhi shayed aap ki zarorton ko samjhata aur haqani sahib ki aqal bhi lafzon tak mahdood hai, jo kuch kia apna lia aisa talent ko kia karna jo khudgharzi k lia ho

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