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Hum Sab – Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry has tried to sketch the good qualities of a TRUE follower of Prophet (PBUH) and advices to every Muslim that they should ask a question to themselves. Are you a true follower of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?



  1. yes. me too think this, we should obey all teachings of Nabi S.A.W.W. at least we shoud try.

  2. it is very good and fantastic

  3. aslamo alequm…i was reading it with great concentration..and i must say dat ur conclusion was so fantastic…the conclusion of this article is purely visionary,..great..hats off to u sir..for this realization

  4. Well You claim in your article that

    …” Punjabi is the 5th world language which have the millions of abusive words and if we collect these abuses then the collection will be more bigger than the Oxford Dictionary”

    what is the reference ?

  5. Javaid you write in your coloum that Hazrat Abutali A.s was a Hipocratic(Munafiq) Nauzubillah can you pls eleborate or prove it with solid evidence in the light of your little knowldege.How dare you to say that. Let me tell you about Hazrat Abutalib(a.s) He was Wali-e Khuda in his period i can prove it. And moreover i am ready to make debate/manazra on this issue.pls enhance your knowldege. must reply waiting for your response…

  6. Javed bhai apne aap se puchne wali ye baat hai k kya hume in sab baton k nai ilam jo aap ne upar kahin lakin hume in ka asar Q nai hoti bcoz is k piche humari apni kotahian hain hume jo chiz achi nai lagti hai us main deen ko involve kar lete hain aur jis main apna faida nazar aye us main dandi mar jate hain kya hum ne Deen apni marzi ka nai bana liya? hume hud ko badlna hai

  7. yehij to apun bolta hai per koi bhai log sunnay ko ready nahin. aay circuit tu bola kar aisayij bola kar kia khabar teri baat in kay bhaijay main fit ho jai.

    ai javed bhai, aik baar england main mai nay dekha aik medical center mai aik maulana (jo kay shayad bangladeshi tha) bahar jatay jatay thump pins aur chips neechay farsh per giri hoi uthain aur bin main painkh din aur tissue say farsh saaf kar dia. wahan kuch bachay bhi khail rahay thay. wahan aik gori madam bethi thee, us nay itni hairat say us molvi ko dekha aur us ki ankhon main jo appreciation aur chamak thi wo mainay us kay samnay betha mahsoos kia. abhi bol wo mulla acha jo masjidon main nafraton ki takreerain karta hai ya yeh jis nay aik non-muslim ko itna impress kia. yehi ikhlaq meray nabi(saw) kay thay jis ki wajah say log islam kabool kartay thay. jabkay aaj nafrat kartay hain sirf hamari wajah say.

    isi tarahmainay aik shaks ko dekha k sarak say drinks kay cane utah kar bin main dal raha hai. aisi kaumay kion na taraki karain. apun log kay under to insaniyat hi khatam ho gai hai to din to dor ki baat.

  8. Very right. eah one of us is far behind in “Practicing” our religion. Yet, we instantly become “Champion” once we discuss the sensitive matters of Islam.It is is true to both the parties in discussion.no one actually knows the philosophy of our religeon and just start arguing based on few quotes or Hadis we have read an that too with understanding the meaning of it.Tolerance and eagerness to learn is the FIRST requirement before we come to conclusions.

  9. em speechless………totally speechless !
    this is our true image , we should do our own effort on ourselves to change this bad image into a good one !


    very nice.

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