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Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf Ki Uqaabi Rooh – Hassan Nisar


  1. to govern this country imran needs to win 200 seats in national assembly. do imran have 200 clean, righteous and well known persons. for example i am registered voter in badin. do imran have such a personality in badin to contest election against zulfiquar mirza and his wife fahmida mirza. the other important point, in present electoral system of pakistan, one needs at least 1 crore to spend on elections per seat. do imran have such clean and righteous millionares. i am talking about two hundred, hassan nisar gone mad to ask imran to contest at union council level.

  2. Being an old jackal rather than old parrot I liked description of your four columns. I also agree with your preface and clarification of current column. In second part,convassing for a proud and haughty person Who wanted to be known as playboy while in cricket. The need of hour, what I comprehended the conntation of your your previous scripts is to seek a chaste and righteous leader with clean hands morally and socially to catch the white collar crimnals (mentioned in comments of your previous column).

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