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Jamhoori Salateen Aur Sultana Daku – Hassan Nisar

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  1. My dear Hassan Nisar Sahib. ALLAH may give u long life with health/wealth/honour and all blessings u need. Your articles are very open to understand, but our society have been divided in so many circles.Our some anchors are singing song of N.Sharif/Zardari and counts their good actions and appreciates the launching of Bilawal Zardari/Hamza sharif pinpointing their qualities.They are least bother for money game of both N.S/Zdri Some are prejudice to Mushraf only, whose trial is the last & final problem of pakistan. By his trial Hamid mir is talking like pet of N.sharif and like judge also alongwith Ansar Abbasi who inaddition is praising Maryam Nawaz for youth programme. They never said that public money is not property of ruling family and they are using it with their little mind without consulting any economist. It should have been debated in N.Assembly.Public should be asked about their problems like Delhi’s new leader who is common men and he took a round of Delhi door to door to know the problems of society. In Pak we are looking towards ALLAH to take revenge from these Dacoits who are playing game turn by turn.

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