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Dr. Ata ur Rehman Ka Mazmoon – Hassan Nisar


  1. Muhammmmad saeed Akhtar

    janab nisar sahab, kabhi doctor ata ur rehman ka azeem karnama quam koilm ki roshni se mahroom rakhne ka nts test bhi mulahiza kijia ek talib ilm arbi me ph.d or m.phill karna chahta ha to wo test english kade nkia ye doctor ka azeem karnama nai ha???????

  2. Salaam to All: As you said, Musharraf has done these good activities but many bad things as well. If a chief Justice doing justice all his life commits a murder, should he/she punished for that? Should murder be ignored due to his-her justice? Even Dr Ata-ur-rehman can’t says that. Pl don’t forget current insecure situation in Pakistan, which is Pakistan’s biggest problem right now. Don’t forget Baluchistan situation. Don’t forget massacre of kids in Lal-Masjid incidence. These are only examples and list is long then Gen Musharraf’s services. I agree with Dr Ata-ur-Rehman that those cooperating Musharraf in his national crimes and those he endorsed it (including Iftikhar Chaudhary, for 1999 action) should also be trialed but it does not mean that Musharraf should be released and his crimes ignored because of his “services”. Let this process start/rum and include everybody else into it after this processing continues.

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