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Batameez Bilawal – Hamid Mir


  1. zardari aur bilawal kay chamchay hamid mir ……infact u r the biggest ghaddar this nation has ever seen…bloody LOTA….

  2. Hamid Mir Sahib u r great spoonish anchor,writer, analyist u have praised zardari sb, his son, nawaz sharif and their kins. In other words it seems that u r in favour of both big parties in the name of jhamuriat bcz both have delivered in ur sence the legitimate rights of ppl;of pak.Mushraf & MqM to whom u hate bcz of ur mind set. Mush asked every body who were helpful in solving the lal masjid case but the inmates of masjid challenged the writ of govt. as apprised by ppl; of that locality and agencies and pictures with gas mask, guns, hand grenades. Bugti case in which army officers were also killed, was that policy of pak army to kill their officers alongwith bugti sb, this matter requires probe. u should correct ur mind set against some….

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