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Hairat Ka Tasalsul

I wish, If Musharraf Could Read This Column, and is he has any dignity left, he may leave this country… but Alas!

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  1. Involvement of MQM & Blackwater in Karachi terrorism as well as terrorism all over Pakistan can’t be ignored. As anti Pakistan/anti Islamic lobby is investing heavily to keep a group of political filth imposed in Pakistan which is being bribed off & on by that lobby. This whole filthy group is hired not to let Islamic Law take the place of Constitution & keep Pakistan destroyed in all departments of life. But now that NRO stands rejected by Pakistan’s Supreme Court & Parliament & the law plus judiciary seem to be straightening Anti Pakistan lobby is at its best to create harassment here & not let the govt or people work on any issue that may take Pakistan’s control out of its hand. India is the main character of Anti Pakistan Lobby escorted by USA & Israel on the issue. The situation becomes more out of control of Anti Pakistan Lobby when media is being heavily paid to unveil the political filth & its policies. The political filth itself in return unveils the plans of Anti Pakistan lobby on being made naked by the media thus making it an easy job for Pakistanis to distinguish between their friend and foe & the actual horrible picture is being brought out to scene.

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