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“Why Me?” This is what we often cry whenever we fall into some trouble or see someone innocent caught in incident and we fail to understand, Javed Chaudhry with another superb Urdu Column, answers the many in simplest way.. A must read!


  1. i think u r ever best columnist.javed sahib u deep research of any article makes u unique from other writers.well done and keep it hard to make this country prosperous.

  2. fabulous

  3. Aslam o Alakum!

    Dear Javed! mien ap k colum perta reta hun, ye colum mujhy bhot pasand bhi ayy aur sabaq bhi mila, Allah Tala ap k ilm mien mazid barkat dy. Aien sub Pakistani mil ker dua krin, Allah Tala Islam & Pakistan ko qaimo daim rakhy, meri ye requeste ho saky to poncha dena, Haider from Jubail, KSA

  4. im great fan of javed ch. when i have time i love to read his column.
    This is really an impressive one.His column has its own school of thoughts..For a moment and afterword his column push us to think and analyse that all is truth.
    GOD bless him!!

  5. i impressed.

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