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Flood Victims Aid Strategy

By: Saima Azhar

Asalam-o-Alykum wr wbkt,

My dear and respected friends! I have a really humble request to you all today that please help our poor and needy flood victims in Pakistan. Kindly play your own role in it sincerely as our religion teaches us because its not the time now left to discuss our politicians more neither we can expect any further help from them. Media should also play important role in it to tell helpful aid strategies to people rather than inviting 2 political parties and to let them fight in front of world that who playing better role to show off their performance of so called is being good politicians. Its better we concentrate on some flood victims aid strategy which we have to follow very systematically and I am going to share it with you all today. Its just very simple procedure which who wants to help flood victims has to follow.

Please make carton at home with 15 inches length and 12 inches width or its not restricted whatever you like can do or u can buy these packs ready made to pack food stuff. That family pack will be less in weight to carry for PIA.PIA is responsible to bring this aid and it will be provided to NGOs and Pakistan air force to distribute in poor and needy flood victims within 36 hours inshALLAH. I am going to provide you all contacts details along with the family pack food strategy list. Please note one thing we don’t want any ALMS because we know that people who are in flood muddy water what they are going to do with this amount. Hunger is the animal instinct in human being by nature. they can live without shelters ,without electricity ,without household things for the time being but everyone knows that after few hour’s tolerance they can not co-operate with their hunger because for surviving further and to able to move they need ready made food and drink immediately. community kitchen for instance lentils ,flour ,oil etc etc what they are going to do with that at the moment when they don’t have light, stoves, no place to cook. So, please provide these things first which I am going to tell you so that at least they could be able to spend 4 hours minimum with that. It’s a food cycle and it’s a catastrophe which is not going to be finish in little time so we have to keep on helping them by different sources whatever we can do till then they don’t get settle down in their own shelters. It’s a havoc flood and very cruel in its nature of disaster which will take time to get rid of. Now please note the list of family pack food.

1. 6 packets of Chips like Lays or any other company, chips contains carbohydrates and salt which gives some stamina to their stomach.
2. 6 small packs of juices like 200ml but please note it should definitely with straws that is very important thing to drink for them. It should be with straw.
3. One packet of sweet biskets contains sugar.
4. One packet of salty biskets contains salt.
5. One packet of chocolates as you know kids are always attracted towards chocolate and become happy to eat and also it’s energetic for some time for them.
6. One packet of Dates (Khajoor) as you know its Ramadan also it will be available easily in market everywhere. It’s high in energy for them.
7. One big mineral water bottle like one and a half liter normal size.
8. Disposable small glasses.
9. Soap which is very important.
10. One pack of any o.r.s (Oral re-hydration therapy)

Kindly, it will be great help from you if you could provide this family pack food list which is dry and very easy to buy for all of you. That’s the source which we can rely on them because it’s a very big issue right now of trust. We need trust worthy people who could provide all this sincerely. I have conceived this idea from Fakher-e-alam who is a very nice singer, actor and patriotic person who played a very vital role in earthquake aid as well by collecting aid for victims before. May Allah bless him for such a nice idea. I have described it in detail for you all so that everybody could understand easily. Now please note contacts of PIA in your country and you can contact PIA cargo service and provide this aid to them and they are responsible to bring it here in Pakistan free of cost. May ALLAH swt bless PIA for this good act of kindness in this desperate and miserable situation of Muslim flood victims who are our Muslim brothers and sisters and need our help in this painful time. Allah swt will bless you for this act of kindness. Kindly contact them before collecting all this aid.

Country & Toll Free Number

Saudi Arabia




United Kingdom










Cargo Email

URL for all contact details!

PIA’s Emergency Response Centre (ERC) at Karachi has also been activated to facilitate the collection of Relief Goods.

NGOs and general public may deliver the relief goods to ERC located at the PIA Training Centre Building (Karachi) near Terminal-1 between 9am to 9pm. The relief goods will be handed over by PIA to the NGO representatives / nominated representatives at the airports.

Information and assistance regarding the relief operation may be sought from PIA ERC on numbers 021 9904-4372, 9924-2352 or 99242332. All those willing to help the flood victims can avail our services


All relief goods will be dispatched on first available service basis subject to availability of space.


All cargo will be delivered at PIA Cargo Terminal to respective designated authorities or organizations and all onward transportation would be borne by consignee(s).

Kind Regards,

Saima Azhar

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