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Fakhira Yaqoob Ko Kisi Aur Mulk Main Peda Hona Chahiye Tha!


  1. Well….I personally read this column when it was published. At that point of time, nobody took it serious and thought the writer was trying to fetch attention of readers by doing so. If you just go back couple of months and see what our government is facing these days??? same fake degree issues. We have a common problem, we dont take any issue seriously unless that is brought into attention of the whole nation or some big shot are involved in it. For example we ignore so many murder stories but we keep talking about one murder which is a hot news on channel. Brother, the girl was right. she tried to speak about it 3 years back….it just took time to prove her right. and there we are….our politician got fake degrees because they got money.

  2. I agree with these comments and disagree with the columnist. In fact Mr. Rauf klasra has tried to get close with the girl who has by chance mail him. He always try to portrait himself as somebody who is very above board and a fighter sort of person but the fact is that he has tried to gain attention of the reader by giving a long name to his column and including the name of the girl in the topic of the column. All this is rubbish.

  3. That is absolutely baseless argument especially from a column writer. Since long, forged documents have been there in all societies but people who want knowledge merely for the sake of money, can buy such degrees but people who wanna gain something more than money, gain knowledge even without any degree at the end. Pls dont misguide people by such baseless conclusions…. Our country is much better than some other places on the earth … we ourselves get very easily in inferiority feeling and advise the same to others.
    Zafar. Montreal. Canada.

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