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Faiz Ahmed Faiz Ke Narm Goshay – Javed Chaudhry

A marvelous article by Javed Chaudhry, regarding Legendary Urdu Poet of Pakistan, Faiz Ahmed Faiz. One of the rare piece of information regarding Faiz life from Javed Chaudhary. I am sure both Javed & Faiz lovers gonna crazy after reading this! A special article with special thanks to Urdu Point Network. Another essay of Javed Chaudhary from “Gaye Dino Ke Sooraj“.


  1. @Sajid
    I think Dr. Maryam gave a general comment. However, if u think its not general then u better talk to her individually.

  2. u r right maryam….we must have martial relationship otherwise we might be horribly indulged in depression..

  3. well the thing inspired me the most is… one must have a marital relationship.bcz it saves us from such sort of depressions and it protects the gaze as well. this is the take home message , i guess….. otherwise if we ignore this part (nikkah),then we night be ending up terribly…..

  4. i love the title name ov this book gay dinu ka soraj..

  5. so nyc,i alwayz inspire 4rm sarfraz iqbal’s personality….i read lot ov articles about her..esp i lov that article ov amjad islam amjad on da death ov most respected sarfraz iqbal…Allah un ky darjat buland farmaiy amin…..alwayz inspiring 4 me……

  6. really heart touching life of FAIZ AHMED FAIZ…i think my life ll also like him…but i ll try to change my life..because he had strong heart and he did bear all of tortures and all pains in love but i d’nt wanna tortured by loved one…..

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