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It is Fair Question

Javed Chaudhry’s take on Nawaz Sharif and PMLN attitude!


  1. Whats the difference between dictatorship and democracy?? Shame on all N-League, Q-League, PPP, MMA, ANP. they all are corrupt.

  2. jahan logon ka zameer mar jaay or onhain apni burai nazar hi na aay to wahan aisay hi leader bhi paida ho jatay hain. kal tak zia-ul huq ke mission ko jari rakhnay ka naara laganay wala aaj pervaiz musharaf ko saza-e-maut dilana chahta hai. yehi shareef sahib hi thay jo kal ko jang group per pabandian laga rehe thay

  3. eye opening article but bayhissy bohat hay society main or humarey awam sub kuch bhook ker inhee leaders ko vote day deti hay.
    May God Beless our nations.

  4. Sahibzada Nadeem Muazzmy

    Great work by ch. sab……… dil khush ho gia….. a great slap on the face of NAWAZ SHAREEF by you…… we love you all…….. keep continue plz do a whole program on this…. plz

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