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Dusray Ki Namaz – Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry appreciated the Danish School System, a recent project by Punjab minister Shahbaz Sharif. He suggested other provisional ministers to do the same kind of projects in their province. At the end, He shared the thoughts of foreigners about incident of Salman Taseer


  1. it ll b end after great massacre. when difference between position and sect ll ruined.

  2. Ch Sb
    Has your email different than what is written on your column.Every time we send a comment on your e mail it is bounced.
    As far your column on doosay namaz.For a change You are off the track; pl don’t please the rulers; just check out the cost over 40 crore one time&later over 5 crore annual recuring cost.with this money the punjab education depptt could have improved over 100 schools in the rural areas close to lahore what to talk of rural areas in the far off areas of punjab.It is the poor in the rural areas ,who will bring prosperity to Pakistan.Let Private parties run private school.Pl survey & my views will be endorsed by 100% pweople in the rural areas.You need to concentrate on the teachers Not mud&plaster.

  3. Sir, I read ur column today. I have always been intrested to read and listen you. But today column enforce me to write something. You have a good vision of present situation of our country. Do you think DANISH school system is a good decisi……on when we are facing number of deficiencies in our public schools. If this huge amount is spent to reform the already present schools, would not it be a great acheivement to increase the education standard of pak.PM sb can select any of the school in every district or some other critaria may be decided, where we have buildings staff or may be some other physical facilities,there a small amount can raise the quality. Staff recruited in danish school will be imported from heaevn?Teachers, presently working in the schools have applied and those will be recruited then how they can change the fate of those students? will they be angeles in Danish schools. Curiculum can be revised to bring revolution.Im sorry to say that it is a wise decision to sepnd huge amount while it can be utilized in the present schools.
    ignoring the remaing situations,New projects will be just to provide the opportunities of corruption.This amount is sufficient to raise the poor condition of the present schools rather to start new planes. Hoping to revise or convince with orguments about this new projects.

  4. Dear Doctor javed,
    after studying yr article, i did not agree the way Danish School system, b/c chief minister punjab did giving good goverence in the punjab, Schools are exist but no teacher no student, it is used local people for their animals living, he need the structure available in the country to neeed improve the money which he spend on Danish school if spent on these school to improve his quality standard, if this situation is continuoused gone that no school will servive , every one made his school

  5. Ahmedi (Pakistani: Stationed Kabul)

    Asalam O Alikum

    Mr. Javaid Chaudhry, I have an inquiry, in today’s article you have said unfortunately Mr. Salam was an Ahmadi but you didn’t say unfortunately Mr. Bhagwandas is a Hindu? Do you feel the religious prejudice in your own self?

    Q…uoting, “Doctor Sahib bad qismati say Qadyani Mazhab kay sath taluk rakhtay thay”

    He was the greatest son this land has ever Born you must read through the links below, though I do appreciate the theme of the article.




    May ALLAH Almighty Bless me and my nation with righteous sense of things and May we all are firm on just.
    We need to be Tolerant, Visionary, Hard workers and above all we should seek guidance from ALLAH ALONE!!!

    Allah Hafiz

  6. Irfan Ahmed Shaikh


  7. Irfan Ahmed Shaikh

    Ch.Sb Aap ki tehreeron se to haqiqat ka rang jhalakta he hy & mn aap k leay agar ye kahoon to ghalat na hoga k ( main akela hi chala tha janibe manzil magar,Log sath aate gay karwan banta gaya. ALLAH hamary mazhab ,Mulk &Hamen mahfooz rakhy & Istaqamat ata kary Aameen

  8. Moazzam Ali Shoukat

    Mister Sam I am totally agreed with you, i got your view and thought.

  9. What is the difference between “nai roshni school” and “danish school” and why not “danish school” will have fate as of “nai roshni school”?

  10. Allah tala apki umer mayn barkat day or kamil eeman nasseeeb karay…Ameen or hamayn bhi is mulk k liya kuch karnay ki chahay woo kuch bhi hoo kisi bhi tarha hoo taufeeq ata farmaye…Ameen

  11. dear javed ch sb
    ref your column of date in express on danish schools.
    If you want to improve the education in pakistan you have to concentrate on the government schools.
    All those leaders,who are running the country in the civil service/armed forces/other various departments were
    educated in these very primary schools about twenty to thirty years ago.Dr salaam himself was from such TAAT
    school.If we keep wasting money on Such danish schools instead of solving the problem it will create another
    elite class.If you find time please don’t go to Rahim Yar Khan but just visit rural areas close to LAHORE or in
    your neighbourhood you will be shocked.The otherday CM punjab visited a school just close to ring road hardly
    few KMs from the heart of city,the students were sitting in the open.Just within a radius of around 10 to 15
    KMs around lahore you will find these schools without teachers.I live in EME society I wanted to put the son of
    our maid in the local primary school just close to the society;there is a very good building but no teacher.I was told
    by the chowkidar that a husband/wife team work as sole teachers but they come once in while.The children of course
    were playing games next to the building.You will put 500 max 1000 students in each Danish school even if these are one
    district/tehsil.Where would the remaining thousands of students go.End in some Madressa if they are lucky or become vagabonds. Javed Sb bring the dedicated teachers back; the ones you & I had in our child hood.Four of my class
    fellows in class 7/8 in govt high school muzaffar garh in 1955 were selected by Mr HC Cathpole for admission in Punjab Cadet College Hasan Abdal. I don’t think so Government high school muzzaffer garh can boost of such an achievement now.
    Javed Sb let us improve the whole lot not create another elite class.Otherwise the counsel generals’ words will prove right.

  12. this is a best article after i have read from you after the article on the occasion of death of hakeem saeed sb

  13. javed sab u r great.ap ki kahi hui baaten real mein dil pe asr krti hain. jitny azeem ap ho to ap ko chahiye tha k apny last column mein jo ghalt baat ap nay ki thi aor boht say ahmadiyon nay us pr ehtjaj kia tha to ap apni ghalti pr mazrat krty to is say hamary dil mein ap ki izat ziyada ho jani thi. lekn shayad ap b molvi hazrat say darty ho.

  14. most respectable mr.javed!
    yes i agree that this country and its citizens are changing into murderers….they think that they are the ones to decide ones life and death…ALLAH never likes it…who are we to kill someone..and foreigner people always care for lives…they are never like this…thts why they got everything in their country…they never have shortage of anything they are fair people..they dnt hurt anyone..

  15. soooooooooooooo goooooooodd

  16. muhammad naeem khan

    salam dear sir
    sir i read express news paper only just for your column because your column open my mind and give much wisdom to my thought and view..
    whenever i am not your column i consider my self uncomplete..
    today’s column is a big lesson for the other politicain specially for my province KPK political leader ship…
    i hope that much of the people know some thing from this,.

  17. If this is true and Mr. Shahbaz Sharif in his tenure does this than we should salute him but above all the maintenance of the quality and cause is important. If this continues with honesty, then there can be nothing a better gift for the people than this. Well done!!!

    As far as the law is concerned, this is true and we all have been commented enough on this. We must now be serious to solve the core issue of our country. This law is being treated like Kala Bagh Dam.

  18. Syed Shams ul Hadi Advocate

    Sir, I like your columns very much.I read Express Newspaper because of your columns. Sir with due respect i want to make a little correction in your todays column. Sir you have used “SOOBA SARHAD” instead of “KHYBER PUKHTOON KHWA”.Please make it correct.I will be very much happy with this. May you live long and do better for our country.

  19. sir,
    javed chaudary you people are things you doing and last hope of country.
    Society have no any paisntents and these holy agent playing with the society minds.
    these holy agents spread such information of get heaven and doing these things.these holy agents have some objective behindhand this.
    they are not understanding eductions of holy
    Quran and Islam and i think they don’t any things for Islam.


  21. i am also from Rahim yar khan and study in Lahore and there are no employment opportunity in this part of country and there made gap between big city and smell city.this produced big migration to big city for butter life and butter growth and butter eduction.the makes problems for big cites to mange and bigger population.

  22. Main extremism per aap k point sey agree kerta hon k aisa nahen hona chahyeh k koi bhi banda uth ker doosray ko marney lag jaye. but baqi issues per read my comments.

    Sir ji aap ko buhat dair tak follow kernay key baad aur aap ki books aur columns parhney key baad main iss nateeja par pohancha hon key aap key sarey knowledge ney aap ko DUNIA-DAR zayada bana diya hai.

    Shayad aap ko DUNIA key sath sath DEEN ki zayada taleem ki bhi zaroorat hai. Aap ki har theory har idea, even Superior college key lectures sey bhi main ney yehi nateeja nikala hai.

    Aap aisa kyun nahen kertay key aik saal DEEN ki taleem hasil ker lein, kisi islamic teacher sey islam ka nizam-e-zindagi parhney key baad shayad aap key view clear ho sakein life key barey mein.

    Jab aap key paas free time ho to “THE ARRIVALS” series zaroor daikhna. Shayad aap ko thora sa faraq pata chal sakey dost aur dushman mein.


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