Another great Sufi column by Javed Chaudhry!


  1. yahii waghaa ha k hum loog muktaleef tafarkaat ma bahtakk kar muklaeef tareeqy sikhnny ma hi zindagii zayaa kar dayty hain ka Allah sa Kaisee mangaa jaee Kabii yah naee sochty ka Allah ko Darwesh , Fakir etc sa kioun muhabhat ha wo un ki duaein kioun kabool kr laytaa ha ??

  2. Salam
    I’m thankful to allah to have the oppertunity of learning such knowledge which is not you can’t learn in some university, college or with some degree. I’m thankful to you as well Javaid Bhai for bringing such knowledge to us which is forbidden in this materalistic world.

  3. Hassan Javid (London)

    javed bhai i dont hav words to say something about u.
    just would like to say that u r alwayz best.
    ap ne aj dua mangne ka bohat assan tareeka bata diya.


  4. Javed Bhai! You are just great

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