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Dora Toot Chuka

Orya Maqbool Jan warns us for the great punishment from Allah!


  1. he is right. its all due to our actions. when we are corrupt we will select the corrupt ones. what we have the persons bearing beards assume that we got license to do any thing. fake practices of islam. corruption, adultry, alcoholism. even i was shocked to see the ADD of Meezan Banaspati Ghee where AAmir liaqat is model and with the verses of AZAN (Hai ya lassalaH) music is ON. its shameful for a socalled religious scholar to do like this one. no respect of Ramadan, no such spirits in prayers, we are a dead nation and it will take another 60 yrs to stand up and to get rid of such corrupt fake degree holder politicians, they are bringing their next generation now. think if father is corrupt the son will also be corrupt. we need a revolution of Khumaini like in Iran.

    God bless pakistan and get us rid of these fake people.

  2. When “qom[nation]ka sardar zaleel aur kameena shakhs ho”.i think this is enough to understand every thing what is going on.

  3. Allahtala ham sab par apna raham banae rakhe ….. Aameen

  4. I’m surprised by the two dreams mentioned in the column…..i.e.
    1. Margala Hills mein aathis fashan ka phatna
    2. Flood.

    Margala Plane crash happened 1 day after this column following by a massive flood in different areas of Pakistan.

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