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Dining Tables Chhoti Karen

Once again Javed Chaudhry compares Turk Prime Minister with Pakistan for expensive and luxurious govt and exposes many corruption stories of PM and other Ministers.


  1. be hisssss qaum k behissss hukmaran..

    inqalab zindabad ..

  2. javed sb vr Nice artical,,
    u r alwayes super

  3. we have to give example of Great leader Hazrat Muhammad S.a.w the great human the great leader the great schohar the great philisopher the great humantraion never eat sufficient food this is our leader ship
    May Allah give us true follower of MUhammad S.a.w.

  4. jesin qom wesey hukmran

  5. Thought of a Pakistani

    My mother tongue is Punjabi. My national language is Urdu. I am doing business in broken English moreover, Allah has made my religion in Arabic
    the language more then 99.99% Pakistani even don’t speak, read, write, and completely don’t understand.

    Faisal Masood a Pakistani.

  6. sir u r right u r always right but sir kya apko nai lgta hum apny hukmaranoo se ziyada khrab hai kion k hun inhy elect krwaty hai hm jamshed dasti jesy logon ko hum raja riaz ahmed jesy log jinhy rhek se urdu bhi nai bolni ati inhy elect krty hai sir plz ap 1 colum raja riaz per bhi likho ya apny program mei inhy invite kro plzzzzzz

  7. Shikwa-e-Zulmat-e-Shab say to behtar thaa

    Apnay hissay ki koi shamma Jalatay Jatay

  8. well i cant blame the rulers because the rulers say it openly that they were elected by the people, and they did not come from a side door. The Message is clear since we elected them, we also are corrupt.
    Our leaders are an example of our nation.
    Sadly Zardari, Yusuf Raza Gilani and Nawaz Sharif along with Munaz Elahi will be in Parliament next time, why
    Simply because we will elect them.

  9. I just want to say that Rulers should be like this…..
    “Aik bar Masjid-e-Nabvi main Langar taqseem ho raha tha k aik musafir ne Langr taqsim kerny waly se 2(two)admiyon ka khana manga. waja pochny per usny aik konay ki terf ishara kiya aur kaha k aik apny liaye aur 2nd uss Faqeer k liaye jo Sookhi Roti Pani main Dabo kr Kha raha hai.Langar taqsim krny waly ne Hans kr kaha…issi ka diya hoa tu hum taqsim kr rahay hain…Musafir ny pocha k wo kon hai? Jawab mila k wo hamary khalifa Hazrat Abu Bakar Saddique (R.A) hain.

  10. To have a small dinig table you have to have a big character, immaculate, spotless, character. How do you expect a corrupt prime minister to adwise small tables.

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