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Budapest ki Mohabbat Main – Javed Chaudhry

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  1. My comment is not related to your column. I was a fan of yours before I saw you fighting, squabbling and getting involved like a common street fighter with your Guests
    Regardless off what you think you as an anchor person are just a referee and should not take sides belittle your guests and involve yourself in an ugly and unending babbling where both sides are not listening to the other. I do not know where you learnt this kind of journalism. I, as a viewer take it as my insult where you thrust your opinions in a very uncivilized way.
    I know I and likes of me cannot influence you and your masters but please please do not take innocent people of Pakistan for a ride for the sake of your pay and income.
    I will be expecting a volley of abuses. Kindly make sure these reach me so that I do not have any doubts about press and media which I consider incorrigible and has gone mad after lifting of lid.
    Allah aap ko aqale Saeem Inayat farmai.
    Aziz Zaidi

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