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Brac Jaisay Idaray

One Man Can Change the Destiny of 1000’s Read how!


  1. aye iddareye es mulk ki awam ki soch ko masbat andaz main tadil ka saktay hain

  2. Unfortunately and sadly the People who are ruling have more important issues like Exile of Nawaz Sharif, Uniform, Electing President and Election Tickets distribution. Why the hell Poor are to be heard?

  3. Hmm..so u launched init on a webspace.. cool to know..Congratulations and Good luck.Try to be positive and don’t put anything without verification and also try to follow too whatever they say..don’t just spread the word.. U gotta do some action on it too.. Adios

  4. Yasser Chaudhry

    Naved Taj congratulate, u have done a great job(launching IBITINAS.COM)

  5. Muhammad Imran Khan

    Javed ch is one of my fav writer in Pakistan. the way he tells story is excellent. Our people have no time to think about others benefit. sad!!!

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