Baaz Oqaat

In our masculine and male dominating society, females are often and regular victims of suspect, that sometimes leads to terrible incidents. In today’s Urdu column, Javed Chaudhry raised a social issue of usage of mobile phones, bu giving prank calls/sms to females in Pakistan in order to fulfill their filthy purposes. A must read for everyone!


  1. I am thankful to javeed chaudry to write this story .I think this is very helpful for youngsters to avoid thees things

  2. Asslam -o-aliakum sir ji…..
    aap kaisy hain? allah aap ko sahat dai.
    sir ji commetment is the important part of to undastand each other.sir ji aap k pass koi aisa formulla hai k jis sai hum apni zarrorat ki cheezoon ka right tareky sai use kar sakain e.g comuters mobile etc khain paraha tha k (AAP BURAI KA MUQABALA ACHAI SAI KARAIN )kiya hum jadid islami maashiry k sath chal sukty hain ? kabi kuch iss bary main zaroor likhiy ga
    Sajid Ali Rao

  3. Sir, great effort

  4. Its awesome and adorable. Love your articles of all sorts, because you always willing to teach us in different ways. Admire your true efforts.

  5. good job. its really for correction the marriage life

  6. sir,,, our society is realy diffrent frm western & other Non-muslim Societies.
    we are muslims n islam is our Code of life.
    people must accept this reality. coz we cant b like non muslims never ever. isntead of foceful convertion of our society into western or free Society we should search our solutions within our eastern n islamic valuable society. Coz this is who we are…
    in this story : the women can use his husbands mobile for talking with his mother r else… anyways mobile phone is a realy dangerous gadget. it needs realy sharp mind to deal with its side afeects. May Allah save us All. Ameen

  7. Iske aur b kafi nuqsanat hain. Ham log maghrib ki andhi taqleed main har achi buri cheez ko foran apna lete hain laikin jab pani sar say guzar jata hai to us waqt ham sirf afsoos hi kar sakte hain.Phir qanoon banane ki fikar lag jati hai aur ala satah par us waqt qanoon banane ki zaroorat mehsoos hoti hai jab un k sath khud koi mamla pesh ata hai. Hum kisi ki andhi taqleed main koi qanoon banaye baghair kion har achi buri cheez ko foran apnane main fakhar mehsoos karte hain? Why? Another example is this regard is Internet Cafes….

  8. Great Thoughts Sir! You did a marvelous job especially by writing this column, although your all columns were beyond exceptional amongst all column writers. Thank you so much for providing informative and valuable knowledge along-with the moral and ethical issues.

  9. Hmmm… Great Column on Common Issue!! Really Impressive!

  10. Lost of words, i have seen many similar stories around. Too many things to correct, Wife should have taken her husband in to confidence. Husband could have trusted his wife, and that stupid boy…………… I pray to Allah for……

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