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Rajhesh Khana Kay Liyay Aansu, Burma Main Musalmano Kay Qatal Per Khamoshi!!! – Ansar Abbasi



  1. Dear Mr. Abbasi, I have great admiration and respect for you. I hope you will also write about the brutal massacre of our muslim brothers, sisters and children by the terrorist dictator Assad in Syria.

  2. allah aap ka hami u nasir ho,aameen

  3. Hum as musliman itne khudghrz ho chuke hain k hame apne siva koi nazer ni ata waise ghulam qoume kbi bhi haq bat ni kah skti
    Zulim bhi hum pe terriost bhi hum
    jiski laathi oski bhains

  4. Ali Imran Muhammad

    Ansar Sahab,
    I ve read ur today’s coulumn (Jul 23) about Burmi’s Muslim Masaccar. You have raised voice and shows serious concerns about the tragedy happening to muslims in Burma and criminal silence of world community. Mr. Sir, this kind of masaccar is taking place in your beloved Country ‘Pakistan’ for quite so long, where people where beheaded, killed, cut into pieces. But, I haven’t heard or read a single word from your esteemed pen. Sir, another instant is that Saudi’s killing innocent Muslins in Bahrain, what ur so called Muslim Brotherhood did about that. Have you wrote against those Radical minded people doing against Innocnet Bahraini’s. Sir, it’s an old saying, ‘Prcatice First than Preaches’. I do not belong any typical sect nor I am talking about sectarinism. But, this are bitter realities where you have to write and do your part.


    Imran (Canada)

  5. Dr sikander Ali Khan

    Aslam o Alikum
    Ansar bahi mubarak ho ap wahid admi hain who describe the thinking of common muslim. Ummat ki to baat karn strange samjtay hain. Main Saudi arab main kam karata hon. if i will talk for ummat here every one look at me that i came from different world. you are right solution of our probelem is in deen and become ummat. Leave the politician because they are implanted the anker other then you they also dont think that where we are going. Where is our solution. You can not give example of any retired justic, generel, scientist, bussines man, students no one is thinking that our solution in following islam. All are thinking that we are trouble but no prescribing or suggesting the true remedy. Because they all are afraid of islam. I donot know why. First of this ellet class should remve his worries about islam. We should make a think tank who should worke with this class. This think tank should have talk with this elete class.

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