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Kya Ye Wohi Malala Hay? – Ansaar Abbasi



  1. Sir Only you and Mr.Orya maqbool jan are giving the true information about this book.It is obvious that this book is written by someone else who has used Malala’s name to gain attention for the book.I had decided not to buy Musharaf’s book so that I may not be a party to benefit him financially and I have decided to boycott this book as well.What does malala know about mr.Zia’s era.He passed away before she was even born.looking at Pakistan’s condition now a days I think Mr. Zia was the only patriotic politician.

  2. These all small hints are there which you mention but I think this book only uses writers name as Malala.otherwise writer is all the helpers. Who did helped her in research .but please don’t make an issue.islam have no danger insha Allah.

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