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Hum Apne Bachon Ko Kya Parha Rahay Hain – Ansar Abbasi



  1. kash aisa bohut juld hojay kay woh tamam Books ko mukummal checking kay baad issue kiya jay, ies kay ilawah whole country Nizam – taleem yaksan hona zaroori hay other Boards ka bhee Nizam – taleem humaray Board sey yaksaniat rakhta ho.

  2. Its good that you identified few mistakes related to Islamic books, but will you also highlight the harted being taught in governemnt school throgh text books as u can see its effects all over, wil some one speak for that too? if you people dont fight for this today then dont ever imagine a peaceful future for your children too.

  3. the mistakes that r mentioned about o/levels syllabus r intentional but and far as other local books are concerned they seem to the mistakes of printing and proofreading……so the o/level regarding mistakes are more serious and notice sould b taken as our children would b reading all that stuff…THINK

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