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Ab Bharat Ki Ghulami – Ansaar Abbasi



  1. Hussain Mustatab Wahedi

    It is really good to see someone talking about a phenomenon that is silently spoiling our national values and playing a major role in shifting our moral and ethical standards from high to low.
    In spite of all the acknowledgement you deserve for pointing this out, I want to ask you to ensure that this is just not a piece of writing. I am not sure if you are employed in Geo TV or not but of course you are linked with Jang Group. What I am trying to say is that Geo is the most pro-Indian TV channel and thus the Jang Group. All points you have mentioned in your column about the invasion of Indian culture to ours are the trademark of Geo TV. All dramas of Geo entertainment are depiction of Indian culture. Indian accent of Urdu, dance performances on bollywood songs, Jokes and dialogues about Indian “stars”, telecasting Indian movies on events like eid, telecasting Indian award shows are the routine perks of Geo entertainment for “Pakistani” viewers. When it comes to special ventures, “Aman Ki Asha” (which could have been aman ki “umeed”) and “Chote Ustad” are some salient efforts of donating our identity to our “Favorite Nation”. Most recent one is the release of Imran Hashmi’s movie “Jannat 2” under the banner of Geo films.
    Geo news bulletin is never complete unless there is some stupid gossip about some bolly wood star even it may be the tiniest of news about the health, new hair style or even fake affair of that star. But we hardly hear the name of any Pakistani actor in Geo news headlines except for Mira, as she is a source of ridicule for all or Veena Malik since she has gone and worked in our beloved neighbor country. Shah Rukh Khan’s news rather report about the IPL conflict was presented in the news bulletin before the news about crash of two PAF’s planes and death of four pilots while both events took place on same day. What should be covered to what extent is a long debate but in short, Shoaib Malik’s Marriage was a great example of media ethics.
    Geo Super is proudly the first ever sports channel of Pakistan. It will forever be the first Pakistani sports channel to cover Pakistani series only if there is no other international series taking place involving Australia or India. Moreover, it is not only covering but it started projecting way before its start, the legendary IPL in which Pakistani players are banned. Now a days Pakistani Champions League is taking place but Geo Super is busy in covering IPL. Recently hockey league was covered by Geo Super probably just because it was hosted by India. I am afraid that Geo super will soon start telecasting Indian club matches.
    Having mentioned all this, my point is that events that you mentioned in your column are the result of our inclination towards India which is triggered by the “free” and pro Indian media. If our media and people are so much obsessed by India, then what is the fun in deploying and losing our soldiers on the Indian borders? And if India is such a sweet friend of Pakistan, why have they deployed more than 60 percent of their army on Pakistani border? If a common man like me can understand this and think on these lines then I am sure more professional and knowledgeable anchors and journalists can also do. But if they are ignoring this aspect then their loyalty with Pakistan is questionable.

  2. i surly agree with Saad sb.why GEO promoting them….Aman ki Asha ….mixture of hindi language….our anchor person used hindi words a lot.on the other hand water aggression,siachen,sircreek ….making dams on pakistani water .kia aman ki asha yahaan kam nahi karti??????

  3. With due respect Abbasi sb, I disagree your anger against Pakistan k saath Hindustan zinda bad k naara, We should not hate india but ofcourse we must keep our honor/dignity in all relationships but we don’t do that.
    Whats your suggestion about your own institute (GEO) which is promoting IPL but they are not allowing our players to play…. Why don’t you raise your voice against this as like all Pakistani you are also hiting easy targets i.e. “Politicians” Is this not shameful…??

  4. I have a great respect to Ansar Abbassi as he always speaks and writes for truth. We have seen the cold battle of India via media and international politics and Indians are very successful in their propaganda.
    First of all they have penetrated in our country via media which only portrays their point of view.

    Secondly in international politics they have made us alone, they have good friends like US, UK, Russia and now China as well.
    Lastly they have made a good infrastructure in their country which allows the rest of world to do trade.

    On other side I want to ask Ansar sb that promoting 1 and 3rd point his institute (Geo and Jang) is playing a key role via showing the news of their crappy film stars and films trailers in every news and almost every day in different programs such as morning shows and other talk shows. Live broadcasting the IPL and giving it a very importance.

    Trying to portraying that if India and Pakistan starts the trade it will resolve all problems?? how come, Ansar sb, India is a elephant and in Pakistan even don’t have electricity, you know the product cost of of the items manufactured in India, Pakistani can’t beat that and if the trade started it is very unlikely that we will sell any thing to India (accept honorable Veena Malik and Meera). One of examle is Aman ki Asha and bringing the Indian Industrialist on board.

    My question is with Ansar sb, that did he ever asked the question with his institute (Geo and Jang) and with his community (Journalist) that why are they promoting and showing the India culture and other media and games activities and making them stars in sight of Pakistan people.

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