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Aitzaz Ahsan Se Nafrat

Hamid Mir


  1. Great Sir

    Thank you for opening some dimension in search for truth…

  2. I salute to you and Itizaz ehsan for standing alone and unarmed in front of giant gini of army mafia.Qasuri like people are production of this mafia to stand in front of uniforms in the time of chaos so that all sins are put to civilians people and give projection to so called army clad democracy.You are our hope and strength but need serious guidance from you how to particapate in your movement of restoration of democracy while living away from our home land.If law makers break the law its the necessities of doctrine and if ordinary people protest against anarchy then it will become crime against state. During arm rule -ve social elements including corrupt politicans and bureacracy, land and drug mafia and intellegence agencies have gained power of rule to their own people.How to stop these wild bull that are destroying their own mother land.

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