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Abdul Sattar Eidhi Ki Spirit – Javed Chaudhry

Great personality, Abdul Sattar Eidhi is the subject of this Urdu Column. Javed Chaudhry writes another column in self-help and motivational series.


  1. Yasmin Shaukat

    Inspiring Pl keep us alive by giving us oxygen of ur columns.

  2. Vakas Bin Malik

    lets hold the spirit of Edhi shb, and then explore the horizons of a true nation in our self…. lets be Edhi’s hope not from today but from now !!!

  3. Though we can’t work like Edhi Sahib is doing but atleast we can try… If we can’t do for the betterment of the society than we have one option don’t spoil the spirit of other people, don’t criticize them if they are working for country…

    Ashfaq Ahamd used to say “AllAh humein aasaniyan ata farmaye aur aasaniyan taqseem karnay ki taufeeq ata farmaye..”

    Let’s work from today.. Pakistan needs people like Edhi Sahib, we have to build our nation one nation.

  4. aqeel sahib hum abdul sattar eidhi to nahi ban sakte…lekin apne ander un ki sprite shamil kr skte hain jesa k javed sahib na kaha he…hum ahad kr lain k hum jo bhi kam karain us me abdul sattar eidhi sahib ki sprite shamil ker lain to realy hum badel sakte hain…we can do it…

  5. yes its tru, but, how many pakistani will think like Eidhi????????????

    i think not a single …… one…….

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