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Aazadi Ki Hawa Chal Rahi Hai

Javed Chaudhry narrates the Stanford University background and compares our elites attitude! Another awesome column on education!


  1. javed u r a part of my heart and i know u will serve the religion of the poors{islam}
    allah apko muslmano ko bedar karne ka hemmat de. ameeeeeeen……..

  2. salam javaid Bhai

    you are a great person.

  3. Worthy and Very Respectable Javed Choudry Assalam-o-Alakum

    After reading, “Zero Point”, I am one of your admirers and always in search of your articles.

    May Allah always guide you in this Jehad-Bil-Qalm. Ameen.

    With best wishes
    Muhammad Daud

  4. long live stanford

  5. Dear Javaid,
    Being a biased Pakistani, I would just quote Iqbal.

    Nahien Iqbal na’ommed apni kusht-i-viraan say

    Zara num ho tu yeh mati bari zarkhaiz hay saqi

    But being a realist analyst. I honestly believe that such generous and philanthropic thinking is very rare in our society. All Pakistanis either they are politicians or businessmen are so greedy that they join politics or make contacts with politicians to secure their BLACK MONEY and to enhance it.
    People like IMRAN KHAN who are selfless are discouraged in such a way that our public donot vote for them. Majority of pakistani public, despite knowing the fact the our politicians are corrupt vote for them only for the reason that he/she is from his province. WE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN SHOULD SUPPORT AN HONEST PERSON REGARDLESS HIS/HER ORIGIN. WE CAN BRING A POSITIVE CHANGE ONLY BY CREDITING A PERSON ONLY AND ONLY ON THE BASIS ON HIS SINCERITY WITH THE PUBLIC. TO BE CHARACTERLESS OR WOMANISER IS ONE’S PERSONAL MATTER, THE THING, THE CRITERION TO JUDGE A PERSON SHOULD BE ON THE BASIS THAT HE OR SHE IS HONEST OR NOT. IF HE IS THEN VOTE FOR HIM OTHERWISE KICK HIM OUT.

  6. Jawaid Sahab.. aap k columns lajawab hotay hain is main koi shak nahi.. aap ka yeh column bhi apni misaal aap hai lekin isay parhney k baad jab main ne is main bayaan kie gae facts & figures ko verify karna chaha to thori bhot contradiction samnay aai.. gustakhi maaf.. lekin aapka record durust ho jae sirf is maqsad se main stanford university ki website ka aik link paste kar raha hun, just go through it.. take care and keep opening the eyes of our sleepin nation..


  7. i love mr. javed because he always show realty

  8. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. Agar aj hm mein say log taleem ko permote karnay ka faisla kar lein to aanay walay din roshan hoon gay.

  9. apkay articles parh kar to hamayn sharam a jatee hay to jin k liya likhtay hayn means hamary mulk par raj karnay walay kuch hazar loog un ko shayad zara barabar b nahen ate..Allah in hukmaranoon ko hamary mulk say door karay Ammen…

  10. mind blowing big bro.These words realy will bring chage, may b slowly but but must change minds.

  11. Really very nice sir javed,,kash hamary hukmaranoo ko bhee ghayrat aa jayee..

  12. very nice javed bahi app hamaisha haqeeqat hi lekhtay hain.main to app ka bohat bara fan hon .hamisha app kay colums or kal tak programme dekhta hon.very nice wel done

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