Aate Ka Thaila

Javed Chaudhry describes humbleness and affiliation of elites from west with their nation and countrymen, as compare to our Rulers  in power who has no care even in Flood disaster whatsoever. That is the cultural difference which has been described in this latest Urdu Column form Pakistan’s best columnist.


  1. Respected Javeed Bhai i m big fan of u and i always read ur article crying lesson for all of us.
    God Bless u


  2. javad ch.sab hamesha sachi bat kartay hain. aatay ka thala ho ya koi aor point. bahot deeply aor sachahi k sath pash krtay hain. hamaray watan k logon ki halat ye hay k,,, bachay muj ko deakh rahy hian jalti bujti ankhon sy . khali jeab bazar geya tha khali thaela laya hon.

  3. That’s are a wondarfull msg for pakistani& our politician but unfortunatily our nation & our politition don’t understand .And don’t follow this marvalious coulomb. But I hope Jaweed Sahib inshaalah we’ll suceeded at one day.

  4. Very well written, beautiful story , I pray to ALLAH subhanhu wa ta’alla to open up Muslim’s hearts to follow his rules and implement ALLAH’s laws and orders on all Muslim lands. ameen ya Rabil Alamin

  5. Muhammad Javed Najmi

    bhai kase han ap. ALLAH PAK ap ko asi thara se taqit de.hum loag to so rahe han.ap koshes to kar rahene han soi qoum jag jai………?kalim both acha tha un zalimo ke munh per tamanche marte rahne.

  6. Sir
    Aap ne bahut achhi tasveer dikhai hamaray hukmaranoon ko.
    aur aap ne theek kaha.
    lakin haray hukmaranoon se le kar woh tabqa jo kisi bhi achhi post per hain.
    woh yeh samajhtay hain keh yeh Pakistani awam sirf hamari khidmat k liye hai.
    Aur politicians ,,,,, un ka tu poochain nahi sometimes mujhay lagta hai keh Pakistan ko apna country samajhtay hi nahi.
    Pakistan un k lliye just aik Personnel factory ki tarah hai.
    aye paisa kamaya aur foreign countries me ja kar invest kar diya.
    Pakistan hamaray liye aik maa ki tarah hai.
    aur yeh log larkiyun aur dolat k liye isko sar-e-aam ruswa karnay me sochtay tak nahi.
    Aur Foriegn officials chahay jitna bhi bad character hoon lakin apnay country ko country samajhtay hainkoi shop ya factory nahi.
    Allah mere Mulk ko hamesha salamt rakhay aur aisay logon se pak karay.

  7. very good chaudhri sahib hamary hakim zehni toar per gulam hain our wo log full azad mare khial main bus yahi faraq hay hum main our un main allah hum jo b seedhi rah dikhaey amin

  8. sir my God give you a long life.

  9. bahoot khoob chaudri sahab main sirf itna kahoonga k

  10. Sheikh Muhammad Saleem

    I always read your article and I like your style and started comments before program. I think without justification everything useless. In my opinion only Chief of Army can solve this country problem with implement of law and punishment otherwise very difficult, sir I hope you will agree my suggesation and try to convey this message to authority with your style.

    S,M, Saleem

    Kindly short reply if possible.

  11. Syed Afsar Hussain

    Respected Sir

    This story is good. but as you know that our leaders are not honest and not sincere with us.they are interested to make money and visit France and London for picnics so being a pakistani my opinion is only media can play good role for change and at least propose midterm election for change

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