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Tania Ahsan

For the Sake of Our Children – Tania Ahsan

By: Tania Ahsan The trilingual medium and multi standard schools that are available for our children cannot claim that they are achieving their goals. Most parents are not happy and children are not enjoying perfect environment.

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Education System of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan – Tania Ahsan

By: Tania Ahsan The education system for children starts from the early age of 4 and ends at the age of 16.In this primary age children have sound and innocent minds ,which are simply able to grasp and follow what ...

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Burqa – Tania Ahsan

Burqa – Tania Ahsan MY BURQA seems to be the only problem coming in between the implication of Islamic sharia. 95 % of simple middle classes and lower middle classes of Pakistani society are ready and anxious to embrace the ...

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The Life of Addiction – Tania Ahsan

The Life of Addiction – Tania Ahsan My 23 year old son tells me to take care of his very expensive designer shirt. Why am I not happy to see that he has indulged in caring for what itself is ...

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