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Sana Zainab

“Parrots will get Degrees” – Sana Zainab

  By: Sana Zainab “You’re educational system stands nowhere on international ranking.” Roderica, my German friend said. “Yeah, I know but it does not mean that we are incompetent.” I defended.

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“I slapped myself” – Sana Zainab

By: Sana Zainab She was holding five bottles of soft drinks in her hand.  “whats this?” I asked. “42 rupees, I need one more.” She replied.

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Girls are Precious… – Sana Zainab

By: Sana Zainab ‘’Hey come back?’’ I almost shouted. ‘’ Ummm’’ He seemed upset. ‘’So, you are missing Neelam?’’ I inquired.

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If Our Leaders Can Do, Why Cant We? – Sana Zainab

By: Sana Zainab “If our leaders can do, why cant we? “  He asked confidently. I was not expecting this from a youngster who was going to be a future of my beloved land. I was coming from Karachi to ...

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